Thursday, May 31, 2012

Placed an order for Dust Warfare

Shit just got real.
I was so impressed with my last game of Dust Warfare that I placed an order for an army today.  I decided to go with the Axis because I have a long standing fascination with the Wehrmacht.  As for the actual design of the army itself, it's only fair that I take you guys through my thought process and why I chose the units I did.  Before I do that though, I'll show you guys what I ordered exact:

Core Set Revised - Gets me Lara, Sturmpionieres, Heavy Laser Grenadiers, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, "Hans" Light Walker.
Axis Gorillas box + Operation Seelowe for Markus
Axis Observer Squad + Sniper Squad box
Axis Heavy Kommandotrupp box
Axis Heavy Recon Grenadiers box
2x Axis Battle Grenadiers box
2x Axis Medium Panzer Walker box

All this costs ~182 with free shipping from Miniatures Market.  I'm planning to split the Core Revised box with someone so -25 for me there and I'll probably sell the Allied Hero from Seelowe for another 12.  This equates to the entire Axis army worth just shy of 400 or so points for a price of 145 dollars.  Considering how the competitive level to play Dust Warfare is 300 points, I just bought myself a full army for less than 2 GW Land Raiders.  I think that's enough said right there.

As for the army itself, I decided that the Heavy Kommandotrupp will be my Command Section.  They're tough, well-armed and look awesome.  Lara will join them to give them another fat body to put wounds on as well as providing the unit with 2x more MG44s for anti-infantry power.  My 2nd Section also brings in anti-infantry firepower in the form of Heavy Recon Grenadiers.  Their heavy armor in combination with their 3 MG44s will tear up the house for any infantry without cover.

My 1st Section features Markus and his pack of Kampfaffe while my 3rd and 4th Section consists of Battle Grenadiers.  Markus and the Gorillas will be my fast, dedicated CC element that I can use to pounce on people while my Battle Grenadiers are fitted for anti-tank duty.  I gave both squads extra Panzershreks just for enough AT coverage since I feel confident I have enough MGs for infantry.  If any infantry do manage to survive the barrage of MG fire, they'll hopefully get their shit pushed in by gorillas.

Lastly, I have a Sniper Team and 2x "Ludwig" pattern Pz walkers for my support.  Four sections buys me 2 support and the Sniper Team is from my additional support choice.  The Ludwigs will preform long-range AT duty where the Pz-totting BGs will fulfill a more medium-range AT role.  My Sniper Team will hopefully work on enemy heavy infantry and or playing cat and mouse with the opponent's snipers.

Overall, I think I got a pretty decent force here.  Very balanced and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.  My total number of units is 8 and I'm a few points shy of 300 so I took the Platoon Upgrade: Nebelwerfer Barrage.  It's either that or Implacable but I'm willing to experiment as I get more games in.  Interestingly enough, I can also switch out my Heavy Recon unit for Heavy Laser Grens to spice things up.

Welp, that's it folks.  Looks like I'll be playing Dust Warfare in the near future!



Are you planning to repaint the models?

thesmeer said...

You should also try Lara+Heavy Laser Grenadiers some time. This is a durable all-round unit scary to infantry, panzers and even helicopters. It makes a great midfield anchor for your army, especialy if you use Lara's leader abilty and make it your command squad.

Sythica said...

I'm placing an order this week of similar size.  FFG better realize they have a hit on their hands and make sure the game gets future support.

One Angry Gamer said...

The apes are really cool 

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Oliver Bayley said...

Awesome, I am going slower than you on picking up stuff, but got the revised core box, Command for both Axis and Allies, and a medium walker for each. I THINK this is the minimum for a game - looking forward to playing and finding out more!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game. Please keep the Dust-related stuff coming!

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