Monday, October 25, 2010

1750 Dark Royalty

I think this list will do solid in terms of competitive play.  First, you'll notice that I swapped out the combat Archon for Baron Sathonyx and a bunch of Hellions.  In terms of mobility, jump troops with shooting weapons are very good at picking away at the enemy.  I can dictate which combats I want to be in (a theme with Dark Eldar), shoot whatever is outside of transports and assault the leftovers.  By hugging as much cover as I can, I get 3+ cover all around on my Hellions and await for the rest of my army to pick away at my opponents.  I then use my Hellions to swoop in for the kill, obtain a PT for FNP and then get back into cover.

I see Hellions like vultures.  They are fantastic at picking away at lesser targets and since they're troops, they can score as well.  To correctly use these guys, you must hug as much cover as you can and set as many objectives in your back/mid field as possible.  Your hellions will be able to defend these while the rest of your army contests and captures his.  Don't be afraid to leave cover every now and then to obtain an easy Pain Token for your dudes.

As for the rest of the army, it should all look pretty familiar with you guys now.  I decided to go with Haywire Grenades for the Wyches since it makes them more threatening to vehicles and I kept everything else the same.  The Duke riding with the Warriors rapid-fires 3+ to wound Splinter weapons while the Trueborn acts as dedicated anti-tank.  Depending on what my list needs in my metagame, I can also opt to switch out the Trueborn's Blasters with Carbines and Cannons for max poison.  Lastly, the Ravagers are there for dedicated anti-tank because MCs and transports are rampant in my area.


Duke Sliscus = 150
Baron Sathonyx = 105

9x Warriors (Raider NS/AS/SR, Blaster) = 181
10x Wyches (Raider NS/AS, Hekatrix/Agnoizer, Haywire) = 225
10x Wyches (Raider NS/AS, Hekatrix/Agnoizer, Haywire) = 225
12x Hellions (Champ, Agonizer) = 222

10x Trueborn (Raider NS/AS, 4x Blaster, Splinter Cannon) = 265

Ravager (FF, NS) = 125
Ravager (FF, NS) = 125
Ravager (FF, NS) = 125


Ahrimaneus said...

I think your one true weakness is going to be CC. You don't really have anything that can bring the pain as a dedicated CC squad. Sure, the hellions are serviceable and Wyches are great at tying up units and hitting non-CC units, but not much can really chew up a unit of marines in this list.

If you manage to get the +1 Str or reroll to wound for the hellions, they become a good deal better at dealing with marines. However, your only true CC is then just one hellhound or flamer squad away from some real hurt. You'll also have a tough time against armies that have similar mobility and firepower like Blood Angels.

Don't get me wrong, I see this as being quite competitive against most armies, but you're going to have to go pro-status with those hellions very quickly in order to avoid having your list gutted out from under you by a couple of flame templates

HERO said...

I think focused shooting with Dark Lances and combined charges should be alright at killing things. I'm not so worried about Blood Angels since outshoot most variants but 3/3 BA is going to be tough regardless of what list I go. My BA list is 3/3 Baal/ACLC Preds with 2 full units of ASM. DE will be hard-pressed at fighting FNP MEQ without Incubi, so my best bet is to concentrate lances on them after I deal with armor. If anything, I can keep Wyches in the Raider and just fly around until I the odds are in my favor. Afterwards, I concentrate everything on one squad with combined shooting, poison and assaults and things will probably go my way.

Now, a Ork hordes list will be all sorts of problems since there's just too many mans to do anything about. Even though the Hellions putting out 26 poisoned shots before charging can do a hefty amount to many horde units (especially if they have FC).

Flamers are always going to be a pain; especially since IG can take HF on their Chimeras. That's why I have Haywire Grenades on all my Wych squads so I can disable as many vehicle as I can in the first few rounds.

HERO said...

Another variation of the list could be +1 Razorwing instead of a Ravager for anti-horde missiles. I'll have to drop 2x Hellions at that point, but I guess that's OK.

Anonymous said...

You could always more around some points and take one or two Ravens or Razors with a full complement of missiles if you are worried about hordes. I know there are no models, affordable models that is, currently out for either so take that worth a grain of salt. The point is however the fighter and bomber are two if the most potent anti-horde options in the codex. The missile options are quite potent and all 4 can be fired in one turn while moving 12 inches. With three of these things proxied I was able to completely neuter my mates Green Tide army in one round of shooting.

I am still a little confused about Hellions, they seem like pretty good jump infantry. I don't have a problem so much with their save so much as their lack of any special weapons. Hero, would you be willing to go into a bit more detail about Hellions and why you think they are worth it? I would kind of like to pick your brain about it.

HERO said...

Sure man np. For the Ravens and Razors, I'm thinking about just using a Wave Serpent without the turret and having 2x Bright Lances and 2x EMLs on the bottom.

As for why I think Hellions are pretty good with the Baron:
1. They are jump infantry and have maneuverability to jump around buildings, always be in cover and they're scoring.
2. They have 2 poison shots each at 18" before the assault. This gives them excellent anti-infantry potential all around since they have 2 attacks each base, S4 on the charge (or S5 or re-roll to wounds with Duke's contraband), and have hit and run.
3. 3+ cover save and once you kill something, small, you get FNP. Throw these guys into cover and you'll have a pretty durable unit to hold the back field objectives. Since all of them have Skilled Rider with the Baron, I'm not too worried about difficult terrain checks.
4. They're dirt cheap for flying scoring troops. Sure, the Baron is mandatory and will even out their prices, but 16ppm is really good for the amount of hurt they can put out.
5. Our units suck at holding points save for FNP Wracks, so these guys are a great alternative for players that want to go for a more Kabal/Wych theme rather than Haemonculi themed armies.

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty close to what I was planning, but I am going to try and get a dedicated, if small, CC squad of Incubi in there.

Anonymous said...

Q: how good you find wyches at dealing with mechanized armies now that they cant have blasters anymore? do the haywires help much?

HERO said...

I think Wyches in Raiders with Aethersails and Haywires are going to panic columns of IG vehicles. They can really inflict hurt to vehicles and disable them if they manage to hit with their grenades. It will make them think twice when deploying and moving their vehicles together, that's for sure.

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