Friday, October 29, 2010

A wide range of enemies

The best part about my gaming club is that there's a huge variety of players to play against.  I'm actually quite lucky to have a club of gamers that offers up so many practice scenarios.  When I get all my Dark Eldar kits next week, I know I'll have all the motivation I need to get the models assembled.  As much as I hate assembling endless amounts of models, I know that at the end of the day, I'll have plenty of opponents to sink my teeth into.

Here's what kind of players I have in my area and what kind of lists they take:

  • Mech Guard Steel Legion player
  • Eldar player that can play Seer Council, Jetbike, Mechdar and Castle Eldar
  • The same player also owns Thousand Sons and all kinds of Tyranids
  • Another Eldar player that plays Mechdar or Castle
  • Space Wolves player that takes a balanced list
  • Space Wolf player that likes TWC and Grey Hunters
  • The same player also plays Necrons.. but Necrons are bleh
  • Blood Angels player that plays balanced but can take all kinds of other lists
  • Ork player that can go hordes or Speed Freakz, the same player also has Ultras
  • Dark Angels player that can go Deathwing, Daemonhunters or normal Marines
  • A lot of Tyranid players that sports all kinds of lists and configurations
  • Lastly, I have enough Marines, BA, SW and Death Guard to lend out for practice

The list above is just players at my local gaming club.  I also live very close to the LA Bunker so I'll be able to get games there as well when I'm not at work.  The plan is to play against all of these lists and then BR back here so you guys know how my Dark Eldar are doing.  No tailoring allowed, I don't believe in sissy play.

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Ahrimaneus said...

Awesome. Looking forward to the BatReps HERO.

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