Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BR: 1750 BA vs. CSM

Long table sides
6 objectives, terrain was medium

My list looked like the following:

11 kp

Mephiston = 250

10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250

2x Sanguinary Priest (JP, MB) = 160

Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145

Predator (AC/LC) = 135
Predator (AC/LC) = 135
Predator (AC/LC) = 135

His army:

Chaos Lord of Slaneesh in TDA w/ Daemon Weapon
Flying DP of Nurgle
5x4 squads of Noise Marines with Blaster Masters
10x Khorne Berserkers in a Rhino w/ Fist and PP
5x Chaos Raptors w/ Meltaguns and Plasma Pistol
Possessed Vindicator
Chaos LR with CSM Termies w/ Fists, cbM
2x Chaos Dreads w/ Autocannons, Heavy Flamer

The problem with this list is how ridiculously few troops I have on the field.  If I wasn't a lazy bastard, I would probably have more ASM, but since I'm reluctant to build any, I just decided to field 20 of them.  In short, this is probably the worst case scenario for me since it was max objectives and he had loads of troops everywhere (Noise Marines) in min squads.

I win the roll to go first and I take first turn.  My Baal Preds scout move into position and move 6" to unload untold barrels of shells into a squad of Noise Marines out of cover.  They disappear.  My AC/LC Preds move up, stun a Rhino, fail to do anything to his Land Raider and the turn passes.  Mephiston and the 2x squads of ASM hide behind my AV13 wall.

His turn is largely ineffective because I either save or he misses.  His Vindicator managed to inflict 4 wounds on my ASM because it scattered into them but I managed to save all but 1.  One of his Chaos Dreads goes fire frenzy and stuns the other one standing next to it.  He pops smoke with everything and awaits my next turn.

I shoot almost everything into the Land Raider hoping to pop it so I can access his Lord + Termies inside.  I had 5 pens, I roll 1s and 2s for all of them.  I also managed to pen his Vindicator and then roll a 2.  Probably the most ridiculous round of poor rolls I've seen in a long time.  His next turn is just as pitiful as the LR tries to get in charge/combi-melta range of my Baal and whiffs with everything.  Everything else that he shot also missed, glanced or failed to do anything.  His squad of Terminators and Lord is lying in front of my army.

Another round of shooting failure and my AC/LC Preds fail to do anything to his stuff.  They pen'd and stunned a Rhino, again.  Grats.  Concentrated firepower from my Baals utterly wreck another squad of Noise Marines in the building with something like 14 wounds and 4 rends inflicted.  They disappear.  My ASM fly out of cover and I shoot/charge with one of my ASM squads + Mephiston.  Mephiston casts Sanguine Sword and enthralls his Terminator Lord.  The entire squad is destroyed before they can do anything.

My opponent randomly decides to counter-battery my AC/LC Pred instead of shooting at ASM/Meph.  I'm fine with that.  His LR moves and gets immobilized in a terrible position, not allowing it to actually shoot at anything worth shooting.  His Nurgle DP flies behind one of my AC/LC Preds and warp fires it but fails to do anything.  His squad of Raptors comes in and epically fails to kill anything even with rear armor exposed.  One of the mistakes he makes here is that he runs his Rhino up 12" and disembarks his Zerkers.  I'm not sure what edition he's playing, but his Berzerkers didn't do anything but shoot the ASM squad.  The champ gets hot and dies to his own Plasma Pistol and they do a total of 1 wound; which I save with a re-roll of FNP.  His DP charges and kills the AC/LC Pred.

I split my Baals and 2 goes off shooting at other targets while one shoots at the Raptor squad.  The two Baals shoot at the Vindicator and pen it like 3 times.  I roll trip 2s on the chart.  Awesome.  The other Baal puts 5 Raptors down to 2 and my 2nd ASM squad shoots/charges the DP.  He has 2 wounds left and kills 3 Marines.  I actually lose combat but I roll and stay in.  Needless to say, Mephiston and the other ASM squad charges the Khrone Berzerkers and only 2 remain.  He doesn't kill any in return, loses combat by a lot, but somehow makes a insane amount of Fearless rolls.  Mephiston and the ASM squad is stuck in with one Zerker on his turn.  Good for me.

His next turn kills a couple more Marines with his DP but I swing back with the Fist and kill him.  My leftover Marines rally towards his Raptors which revenge-killed one of my Baals.  His Vindicator moves forward and blows up one of my AC/LC Preds, leaving me with one.  His empty Rhino moves forward 12" and sits on the flank my other 2 Baals.  The one Khorne Berserker gets ripped apart by Mephiston and I rally towards his LR for cover.

On my next turn, my intention was to get into combat with his other troops securing points.  The ASM squad that won combat over the DP kills off the Raptors with melta shots and gets into scoring position.  I fly over with Wings on Meph and my ASM and I only need a 2 for difficult terrain to get into combat with Mephiston after Fleet.  My ASM squad needs 3.  I roll double 1s for Mephiston and a 1 and a 2 for the ASM squad.  At this point, I was violently raging inside my soul.  Regardless, they just sit there and get heavy flamered and double charged by his 2x Dreads.  Combined shooting from some Noise Marines and Heavy Flamers kill 2 Marines after wound allocation and the charge from the Dreads was subpar - only killing 4.  I swing back with my fist and immobilize a Dread.

Next turn, my 2x Baals moved up and blows a squad of Noise Marines away with combined shooting.  I'm very impressed with my Baals this game.  Mephiston gets into combat with both Dreads with Unleash Rage and Sanguine Sword.  He destroys one utterly and rips the DCCW off the other one.  The squads MB from the Priest kills it with an explosion but fails to do anything else.  With only one tiny squad of Noise Marines left to hold a point (I have 2 to his 1 at this point), my opponent concedes.  He realizes that Mephiston is now free to solo his remaining Noise Marines while my 2x ASM squad hugs cover with FNP on secured points.

Blood Angels Victory!


Kinsman said...

Nice report, man! Looks like it was a fun battle.

Ahrimaneus said...

Well played Hero. Looks like you put up a good showing despite some seriously sub-par AT performance from your AC/LC preds. At least it was balanced out by your Baals totally raping face on those noise marines all game (they probably liked it). Well played with a limited model count. Mephiston is an absolute monster as usual.

Xaereth said...

Cool man, good job clubbing poor CSM :P

It was well-written, but it would have helped a ton if you had given (even a really rough) army list of what he had. I kept finding myself thinking 'wait... he had berzerkers?' or 'when did he get a demon prince?'

Anyways, didn't want to be too negative, just thought I'd give you some feedback :) That wall of AV13 is somewhat intimidating, especially considering what's hiding behind them :P

HERO said...

Oh, absolutely. I'll post his army list above :)

Student Teacher said...

"I split my Baals"

Ouch! Nice BR. Keep it up. Would love to see some pics next time.

Anonymous said...

Uhhg you want Pictures from his split Baals ;)

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