Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dark Eldar and some updates

So Dark Eldar is coming..

The metagame right now is basically Space Wolves, IG, a few Eldar lists here and there, some Orks and Blood Angels.  Now I don't know how to say this without just saying this, but it looks like that Dark Eldar are going to shit all over MEQ.  For BA, I can see us taking the standard 3/3 Baal/ACLC Pred to counter the threat of long range triple Dark Lances on the move, and Space Wolf players just shoot RBs all day.  3x groups of 6 Long Fangs with 5x ML and 3x RBs with TLLCs is going to crap all over DE vehicles.  That and the fact that Rune Priests with Living Lightning will have a field day with Split Fire.  Never, ever, ever go MSU and 5-man bodies.  You're too easily destroyed by Dark Eldar and that only fuels their combat drugs.

The only problem I'm seeing here is the DE close combat.  They get Harlequins and Wyches are going to rape some face when they get in close combat.    Marines, even Blood Angels and Space Wolves who are some of the most powerful CC armies right now, can't really hold up to DE CC.  Yes, we get FNP and 3+ AS as Blood Angels, but with enough wounds, rending and combat drugs, things are looking bad for you.  You know what that means right?  Shoot the shit out for their AV-craptastic, open-top vehicles and murder everything with rapid fire Bolters.  I would rather get out of my vehicles and shoot everything to death to minimize on CC death later than getting into CC with Dark Eldar.  NEVER, get into CC with Dark Eldar and expect good things.

Space Wolves will probably have to RB spam or go home.  Not like those sorry excuse of a wolf player doesn't do that already, but we'll definitely be seeing a lot more of those Lascannons.  You know.. those 48" S9 AP2 weapons that you never, ever see because this metagame is currently rampant with transports and melta weapons.  To back track a little bit, I find that Space Wolf players spamming RBs to victory an taking max units of Long Fangs and playing straight up gunline plain out suck.  Not that the list sucks, or the power of the list sucks, but the players playing the list suck.  What kind of Space Wolf player are you playing a gunline?  Eat some meat, drink some ale and punch something with your fists like a real man.  Leave the shooting up to the Iron Hands or something;  Space Wolves belong in combat.

This is why I suggest taking a more balanced approach.  Max some Long Fangs, take some RBs, but don't go overboard and do nothing but shoot.  Bring some RPs with Murderous Hurricane and take a good amount of Grey Hunters to rapid fire those Wynches and Warriors down before they can do serious damage.  For Blood Angels, don't bother with Mephiston since Poison makes his T6 a lot less scary.  Go with a cheap HQ and maximize on MEQ bodies to soak up damage and minimize chances of getting wiped out.  Remember:  Getting wiped out is a very bad thing when fighting the new Dark Eldar.  They get all stimmed up on drugs and destroy you even more the next round.

Oh, and I'm still playing the hell out of League and Legends.  Why are people so bad at this game?  I'm seeing Lv.20+s suck ass, feed and then leave every game.  I'm only Lv.13 and have been playing this game for a week and half and I'm miles better.


Paul Chappell said...

:-) As a player playing several of the armies you mentioned... Well, it seems that the DE are staying fairly similar to what they are now. My Wolves run with several Razors filled with excellent troops, the Rune Priest with LL and Tempest to make the 24" bubble of annoyance for the DE skimmers... and hope to either go first or weather the alpha strike of so many dark lances... BA look like the fast Preds/Razors in a reserve game are the way to go... Eldar? Frankly I think they're just screwed... It's looking like the game, at least at the "higher competitiveness/tournament style play" is crystallizing more and more into a "rock/paper/scissors" sort of thing with only a few builds being able to do well against each other... :-) But I could easily be wrong, and would be thrilled to be wrong in this case...

Unknown said...

Anything could happen with the release of Codex Necrons. Basically whoever gets a new Codex is going to be hard. God help us when the Tau get BETTER rail guns

Anonymous said...

Problem with razorbacks is it means low squad size. The last thing you want is to be horribly outnumbered by the dark eldar assault squads. Yeah, lascannons are going to wreck the dark eldar transports. The problem is that dark eldar in reserve can turboboost 24 + 2d6 if they go second so they will already be right on you with several wyche and incubi squads. When this happens you NEED to pack as much bolter as possible, otherwise your 30 marines will not see a turn 3.

I would suggest a footslog army vs dark eldar. Use your combat tactics to punish the dark elves after every charge with more rapid fire. Just be sure to locate and destroy any unit (ravagers) that pump out high quantities of disintigrator shots or you might be in trouble.

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