Monday, September 13, 2010

My Tier2 Rahn list

Cygnar is a great faction and I love playing with them, but sometimes you just need something different!  That's why I chose Retribution as my second army.  Nobody around here really plays them, no one understands them and the rarity of the faction is what really appealed to me.  Just because no one really plays them (there's like 5 Cygnar players here) doesn't mean they're bad.  In fact, I find Retribution to be one of the trickiest factions to play against.  They have strong shooting in the form of Invictors and MHSF, powerful melee thanks to Sentinels and Halberdiers, and ridiculous manipulation in the form of Battle Mages (mittens).

I actually picked up Adeptis Rahn before I knew what he could do.  Maybe it's just my natural affinity for randomly picking competitive casters (like how I started Cygnar with eCaine), but I really liked the fact that he's portrayed as one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world.  As most of you know, one of the reasons I picked up High Elves was because of Teclis.  Thankfully, Rahn isn't as ridiculous as Teclis, but in some ways, he can be just as bad.

Here's my current army list for Retribution.  It's Tier2 Rahn and it's geared towards maximizing Feat turn while maintaining two heavy 'jacks.

Points: 35
Adeptis Rahn Shyeel (*6pts)
* Phoenix (10pts)
* Discordia (10pts)
House Shyeel Battle Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
House Shyeel Battle Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Houseguard Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (7pts)
* Houseguard Halberdiers Officer & Standard (2pts)
Arcanist (0pts)
House Shyeel Magister (2pts)

The Phoenix is pretty much a given considering how he's an arc node in heavy armor stats.  With Phoenix Shield, the ability to heal and ARM18 w/ DEF12, he's one of the best arc nodes in the game.  Don't even think you can swarm him with infantry and tie him up, his *Attack Combustion makes sure everything within 2" of him takes POW12 Continuous Fire hits.  Throw in the fact he also has a P+S17 Reach weapon that automatically lights things on fire when he hits and you've got yourself a real winner.

The newest edition to my army list is the Discordia.  He's the newest edition to the Retribution warhost and he's got some insanely impressive abilities.  The stats for him is basically a Manticore +1 MAT/RAT and 2x P+S16 Open Fists.  His ranged weapon is what really sells this 'jack.. considering how Retribution has a overwhelming weakness to stealth and infantry hordes.  The Discordia comes with a RNG10 POW14 Magical spray.  That is just amazing.  His other abilities include being bonded to Rahn, has an Imprint: Kinetic Field that allows him to spend a focus to make this model and other friendly models within 3" of it gain +2 ARM vs. ranged attacks and not suffer blast damage.  Throw on Rahn's Force Field and have him stand next to some Halberdiers in Shield Wall and things get quite ridiculous.

As for the rest of my list, I get a free Arcanist because of Rahn's T2 bonus and I fill in the rest with Halberdiers and Battle Mages.  Two squads of Battle Mages to capitalize on Feat turn and the Magister just because I can.  Believe it or not, but I love the Magister's Combo-Smite.  Being able to charge in with MAT7 and knock something on its ass is just great.  As for the Halberdiers, I think they're absolutely amazing.  Great stats all around and the fastest Shield Wall in the game because of Reform gives me extreme flexibility.  ARM20 vs. ranged attacks with Discordia's Kinetic Field up is just demoralizing to armies like Cygnar.

So what ya guys think?  I'm loving this list.


Anonymous said...

Great list, ive been playing with a similar one, exchanging a unit of HSBM for another arcanist and 2 HSM. Tier 3 rahn list with 3 charging magisters for hilarity!!!

Anonymous said...

Discordia is a girl's name...duh!

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