Monday, September 20, 2010

League of Legends

You guys are probably wondering what the hell have I been doing lately.  Well, I'm playing League of Legends and trying not to suck at it.  I mean, I don't really suck at it.. I'm just trying to get wtf gosu pro.  It's a little different than DotA for those who's played it, and the RPG elements of it makes it something really unique.  The biggest thing for me is that it's a new game with a lot of new things for me to learn, and I dig that kind of stuff.

I'm currently experimenting with ranged carries since that's what I enjoyed playing back in DotA.  My favorites right now is Miss Fortune, Ashe and Annie.  I haven't really gotten a foothold on Annie yet.. and I'm going to try playing with Ryze today.  For those who are unfamiliar with the game, my characters can be broken up into 3 categories.  Miss Fortune, is a character who is ranged, does physical damage and is considered a carry.  A carry is basically any character who can make a lot of money (therefore getting uber items) and have deal enough damage to rape the other team.  Annie, for example, is a ranged, spellcaster carry.

I play carries because I like blowing things up for big damage and dominating people.  Tanks, healers and support classes need not apply.

PS - This game is free to play.


calperr said...

I play LoL too! I have been around that game on and off since they first started their first round of private beta's. I have practiced to a point where Im confident with almost all of the characters but not particularly amazing with any(highest win percentages are 60-70).

Annie is unique in that her passive ability is her most powerful one. Using her stuns efficently(like with her Ultimate on multiple opponents at once) is the key to getting kills with her as well as defending yourself. If you ever want any advice or tactics ColdTurkey49 has a great YouTube channel that he updates alot.

If you ever wanna play a game send me a message, my name on is CalPerr

Mister Disco said...

Rockin! Good to see I'm not the only one who hasn't been posting as much because of LoL. Although I'm almost strictly a tank/ Support player myself.

Anonymous said...


Duece8282 said...

Annie IS a pretty sick carry with the Mejai's Soulstealer, but she really needs a support character to supplement her carry as she can't farm minions/take towers very well compared to physical damage carries such as Yi or Tryndamere. : )

I have a successful Tryndamere build I'll have to blog about sometime. : ) (Super simple to get triple/quad-kills once you get the timing down)

HERO said...

What do you think about this build?

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