Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your most hated enemy

Over my years of wargaming, I've played against many many types of armies, players and individual playstyles.  I can always look back into my past experiences and pin-point which armies I find the most heinous.  Truth be told:  My most hated enemy is also the enemy that I enjoy fighting most.  I'm not sure why that is.. maybe because I like the challenge or maybe because I'm completely deranged.  I find the hardest and most frustrating match-ups to be my favorite fights because it constantly challenges me to get better.

Sometimes though.. you'll play against a certain army that you vow you'll never play again.  I'm talking about the ridiculous PD spamming Daemon armies of 7th Ed. Fantasy or the dread Iron Warriors army of blow your shit back when CSM actually had a real codex.  I played against the Daemons with my Dwarfs and High Elves and every game was a wrist-cutting experience of frustration.  My poor Grey Knights had the worst of it.. since they were the first army I ever bought from GW and most of my forces were footsloggers.  Needless to say, I have a bitter disdain for these armies ever since.

For me, I have a deep, vengeful hatred against these armies:

Chaos Space Marines
Not only because I play Space Marines and I think it's fluffy -- but for all my Grey Knights that died valiantly so I can learn to play the game.  Needless to say, watching my units get shot to shit while under the effects of Lash wasn't the most awesome thing either (in 4th).  To this day, if I had a choice to fight any army in 40K, I will always elect to fight against CSM.  Not just one variant, but all variants.  Those cheating Iron Warriors ruined it for you all!

Wood Elves
My most hated enemy in Fantasy is actually Wood Elves.  I had a guy at my old club that played a mass tree army before HE got their new book and it was insanely frustrating to play against.  It didn't help that I was just starting off with HE and WE were at their prime.  He then played a bunch of sissy shooting lists that had to do with shooting from cover and then running away everytime I got near him.  I just find that type of playstyle to be extremely cowardly.. even for Elven standards.

Protectorate of Menoth
I hate overly zealous religious fanatics to begin with.. add in some crazy denial mechanics and Menoth becomes one of those armies I just love to kill.  To further expand on why the Menoth game is annoying; one of the guys on the Cygnar forums said it best..

Me: "I'll shoot that guy"
Him: "Immune to ranged attacks"
Me: "How about those Sisters?"
Him:"Def 17, you can try it if you want to..."
Me: "I'll Dominate that 'jack"
Him: "It's immune to magic right now"
Me: "I'll do Arcane Inferno on those grouped-up Zealots"
Him: "I popped their mini-feat last turn so they're indestructible this round"
Me: "I'll attack that Repenter with Pendrake's Bola"
Him: "It's immune to knockdown due to the Covenant"
Me: "Uh, dammit, I'll shoot the Avatar with my Defender"
Him: "Arm 21, so you do a total of 2 damage"
Me: "Well, um, I'll charge it with my Lancer and knock out the - "
Him: "Avatar has no cortex to be damaged"
Me: "I'll use Harlan and shoot all your guys with upkeep sp-"
Him: "None of these effects are from upkeeps"

Welp, what about you guys?  Which armies make you rage the most?


Unknown said...

eldar...plain and simple

Unknown said...

Eldar, chaos gateway spam.. well not anymore. and menoth as well..

WHITEWOLFMXC said... is the only world , gay magic this and that , thier gay tanks are immune this and that .....

Wulfy said...

I'm right there with you on the Wood Elves. My main opponent for years with my Skaven were Wood Elves, and I could never catch the flighty faerie-folk. I would only ever be in combat on their terms, and my ranks of ratmen would quickly buckle. Grrrrr.....

Unknown said...

i hate imperial guard
i especially hate that guy with 12 chimeras

Anonymous said...

Tau, stupid tau. and any well made blue deck in MTG

Gmorts Chaotica said...

Imperial Guard are getting on my nerves at the moment as they can put down shit-loads of armour and still defend it with a load of 'bubble-wrap' in the form of cheap troops that take forever to wade through.

Oh and Blood Angels as I'm sick of thinking I've killed something only for it to make a Feel No Pain save straight afterwards.

bhsman said...

Don't really have an army that I hate, but I do like playing against Tyranids; it always turns into a question of whether I can kill absolutely EVERYTHING before the game ends or will I be completely overwhelmed instead? Never a dull game.

HERO said...

Agreed. Fighting Tyranids is always a good game :)

Anonymous said...

I dispise Ogres with passion! The fact that I miss regular sized infantry with which to clash with buggers me to no end.

O god I hated Tau in 4th edition my necron ass got shot every single time

Anonymous said...

I remember when I first started to play 40k the only army I had was SM, (I'm pretty sure it was 3rd edition then), anyways the only people I seemed to get games in with were Eldar players. I can't even begin to tell you my frustration I had. All those high AP weapons, there were so many dead marines. Never the less, I learned to use cover.

........F***ing Eldar.......

Anonymous said...

My Sisters love fighting the following:
-Eldar- Elite troops vs elite troops is always a good game, and I stand a decent chance against them with Exorcists vs their tanks, and my heavy flamers vs their t3, 4+ save troops.
-Space Marines (all stripes): 3+ save makes me very happy for Divine Guidance
-Tyranids- Games vs Nids are always fun and thematic. I enjoy the contrast of a mechanized, armoured army vs a horde of bugs, and the close range of the battles always makes it nice and close.

As for the armies I seriously dislike playing against:
-Imperial Guard: Wait...what? You have HOW many Chimeras, okay, just killed all of my transports on turn 2. And now my girls are being blown away by ordnance, and your Vendettas have grabbed the objectives. Why did I agree to play you again?
-Orks- even if I burn away most of a unit, the few that are left will put down some serious hurt. That, and Lootas make my Rhinos cry.

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