Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That thing you love

For me, there's always that one thing that stands out that makes you want to play the faction you play in whatever game.  Be it RTS, FPS, MMO, RPG, Table-top, it doesn't matter.  Some people pick their race or faction based on that faction's playstyle.  For example, a friend of mine plays Dark Elves because they're fast and has great special rules and items that makes them powerful.

Believe it or not, I don't pick armies based on their playstyle.  I pick them based on whether or not I think they're cool or not.  The army has to appeal to me first and then I mold my playstyle to fit the design of the army.  If the army requires me to play with fast, offensive units to be effective, I will do that.  If the army requires me to play more defensive and patient, I will do that too.  I am flexible.

Here's a list of games that I've played in the past and why I picked them:

GDI in Command and Conquer
They're the good guys.  I have an affinity with good guys for some reason.. but I also thought the Ion Cannon was pretty bad ass.

Terran in StarCraft
I love Siege Tanks.  They go boom and things die.  I love tanks and I like Marines.  To me, they're the epitome of man and I find that very attractive.

Counter-Terrorists in Counter-Strike
If I had a choice to pick CT or T in the beginning of a pub, I would pick CT.  I like the good guys.

Gondor in Battle for Middle Earth
Once again, the good guys.  I actually picked up this game simply because I watched my brother cast Word of Power from Gandalf when he reached Lv.10.  Seeing everything on the screen get destroyed in a blink of an eye made me drop everything I was doing and pick the game up.

Dwarves in Battle for Middle-Earth 2
They're honorable, tough, a little bit slow, but that's because they're buff and manly.  I like buff and manly, because I am buff and manly myself.

Humans in WarCraft 3
They're humans.. I have an affinity towards my race of man.. and they're the good guys!  The Archmage and Mountain King are also my favorite heroes in the game.

Axis in Company of Heroes
I've always liked the German Wehrmacht since the earliest days of my childhood.  No, I am NOT a Nazi.  I like the weapons that they used and the tanks that they drove.  I also admire their generals and their strategies.

Portugal in Age of Empires 3
I saw some Cassadors being used in a demo and I decided to pick these guys up right away.  I also invented the Fast Fortress strategy (wrote a guide for it) to get Cassadors faster.. and within a day or two, everyone and their mother from GameReplays and AgeSanctuary was doing it with their factions.  Damn you France, you were so OP with FF when the game first came out.

Human Mage in World of WarCraft
See WarCraft 3.

Dudley in SF4
I saw his throw and that was enough for me.  Boom Boom Pow!

Space Marines in Warhammer 40K
Since I play Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Death Guard and Blood Angels, I'm not sure what to say here.  They're all manly and amazing.  Grey Knights has some amazing lore, powerful warriors and fantastic models.. Space Wolves are fucking Dwarfs in space but like 5 feet taller.. and Death Guard.. well, I went to school for Pre-med (Virology) and my favorite movie when I was young was Outbreak.  I guess I like diseases?  And yeah Blood Angels.  Why?  Because they're the good version of Khorne Berserkers.

High Elves/Dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy
I like Magic and Dragons and High Elves have the best of both.  That's why I really enjoy playing my Teclis and Star Dragon lists (although my SD list is retired).  I also like the fact that they're the few, the proud, the elite.  Oh.. and Dwarfs/Dwarves is kinda self-explanatory at this point.

Cygnar in Warmachine
At first, I wasn't going to get involved in WM because I didn't like the whole steampunk look.  Then I flipped through my friend's Cygnar book and saw Allister Caine (epic version).  Equilibrium anyone?  It all went downhill from there.

So to sum up my preferences as a gamer:  I lean heavily towards the "good guys", I favor "manly" things, and I'm a sucker for pretty graphics.


CounterFett said...

Sadly I read through this and went 'yep. yep. yep and yep. yep. yep. HIGH ELVES?' We real manly men know the only elves worth playing are Wood Elves. LOL.

Funny about what you were saying, I actually got them because I liked the way they played (up until a week or so ago anyway), which makes them the only army I ever picked for any reason other than looking kewl.

HERO said...

Yeah haha. Good thing I have Dwarfs to balance that out a little bit :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much the opposite of you. I usually end up playing the bad guys and I play a human irl, and it's boring. I enjoy games where you have the choice to be something cooler. For me it's Protoss, Night Elves, Germans, Blood Elf Rogue, Dark Elves, Skaven, Dark Eldar, Retribution, Skorne.... and Dwarfs.

I wanted one good guy army. Dwarfs are small, stubborn and hate magic, so I figured they were the best fit for me.

Anonymous said...

I love Deffrollas. There is nothing more fun than pancakeing drednoughts, rhinos, landraiders, and anything else that gets in front of you.

James Price said...

man i have several of these the same to you as well. i agree seeing gandalf smite the entire enemy army with but one painful word is amazing!
i think i favor "good" forces as well, well ignoring my orcs, elves, dwarfs and all that goodness for me!

which of your fanatasy armies is bigger pointwise?

HERO said...

I have a lot more High Elves than Dwarfs. I think it's something like 7k HE vs. 4k Dwarfs.

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