Sunday, August 8, 2010

I finally painted something

After 2 years of getting shat on by my fellow Blizz Wargamers, I finally painted something.

This makes me extra sad because I used to have 27 of these Terminators.. and 30 Power Armored Grey Knights.

If it's true that Grey Knights will come out in early 2011.. I'll probably end up picking them up again and painting all of them like this.

The paint scheme used was:
+++Primed with PP White+++
1. Boltgun metal base coat.
2. Mithril Silver drybrush
3. Badab black wash
4. More mithril silver drybrushing
5. Shining Gold on the gold lettering
6. Ogyrn Flesh on the shining gold.
7. Mechrite red on the books and medals.
8. Menoth white followed by menoth white highlight.
9. Devlan mud on the red and the menoth.
10. Enchanted Blue, then Icy Blue, then Asurman Blue wash on the Psycannon and Eyes.
11. Frostbite dot on the Psycannon + middle of the eyes.
12. Chaos Black on the outer pat of the psycannon.
13. Asurman blue wash on the sword a couple of times.

Total time: 4 hours.

I left out the scribe-work on the scrolls because my hands are no longer as steady as they used to be.. sadly.

Anyways, please enjoy.

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