Sunday, January 22, 2017

AoS: Bringing in some Skyfires

Hot, hot, hot!

Got another list here that I've been thinking about in the last couple of days.  Long story short:  I decided that I needed more wounds and staying power in the list because in the previous list, it was very hero-centric and pretty top heavy with both Kairos and the Lord of Change in one list.  So.. I did some digging around and decided to bring in both of what I would consider to be some of the best units in the new book.

First, the new list:


Lord of Change = 300
+Tzeentch's Firestorm
+General - Incorporeal Form (-1 to hit in CC)
+Phantasmal Weapons (+1 Rend to all melee)

Tzaangor Shaman = 120
+Shield of Fate
+Fold Reality

Gaunt Summoner = 100
+Arcane Suggestion
+Fold Reality

Gaunt Summoner = 100
+Glimpse the Future
+Bolt of Change

10x Horrors = 140
+Bolt of Change

10x Horrors = 140
+Unchecked Mutation

10x Horrors = 140
+Arcane Transformation

9x Tzaangor Skyfires = 480
3x Burning Chariots of Tz = 480

Since I dropped Kairos and a few other wizards in the list, my magic potency has dropped off a bit.  Right now, here's what I'm packing if I'm going for full arcane onslaught assuming everyone's happy: Tzeentch's Firestorm, Infernal Gateway, Bolt of Change, Unchecked Mutation, and Arcane Bolt.  It's definitely missing a few more d6 Mortal Wound stuff in there, but I sub that out with having Infernal Flames coming from the Gaunt Summoner.  In fact, Gaunt Summoner might be the most cost effective wizard in the game, or at least certainly up there.  he comes with an incredibly good spell vs. hordes, doing a mortal wound on 4+ to every model in a unit within 18", and he can also cast and dispel two spells a turn.  Having both the Mortal and Daemon keywords also allows him to cherry-pick a spell from both lores, giving him amazing spell diversity and making him a much better buff-bot than almost anyone else.

So.. I brought two of them to the party because otherwise, I would be stuck with a very awkward amount of points and having sit in the backfield casting buffs until its showtime is never really a bad thing.  Currently, I have the Arcane Suggestion sitting there but I can easily replace that with another Shield of Fate if I feel like my Tzaangor Shaman is going to get sniped.  I know that's why I like having redundant Fold Reality in there.  Shield of Fate is an amazing spell:  As long as I have 7+ Destiny Dice, I can cast the 5+ spell and give one of my units the ability to re-roll failed 1s, 2s and 3s.  This is freaking huge when combined with something like Mystic Shield on Tz units because this means they technically have a 4+ re-rollable before any Rends hit.

The Tzaangor Shaman is a great little guy to have flying around the backlines because he's primarily there to buff up your Skyfires with the +1 to hit.  This makes them hit on 3s, wound on 3s, with -1 Rend and d3 wounds each.  Any 6s to hit automatically become d3 Mortal Wounds which is pretty nice vs. the more heavily armored guys out there.  This turns into 5s when the Tzaangor Shaman is nearby.  Skyfires also compliment the shooting from the Burning Chariots really well because those guys are better vs. less-armored guys since the 3d3 Mortal Wounds gimmick from them only works if every chariot wounds and you pass on a 4+ for the test.  Not the most reliable, but it can still definitely get the job done.  The biggest thing to note about the Skyfires is that they have the Daemon keyword.  This means Fold Reality can bring them back in full models which is a great way to buff their staying power.  Unfortunately, I don't have Kairos there to make sure they don't roll a 1, but if that's the will of Tzeentch than who am I to question it?

Regardless, having both the Skyfires and Burning Chariots gives me a crap ton of wounds added onto the list.  I will really miss having the Blue Scribes to Boon every turn, as that basically makes my magic all but a surety.  Instead, I will just have to rely on the Lord of Change to pull his own weight, and hopefully the Skyfires and Burning Chariots will carry the day.

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