Tuesday, January 24, 2017

AoS: Time to add some more Tzaangors

Yes.. yes.. everything is proceeding as I have forseen!

The wheel keeps on spinning in my head on how I can keep improving the list.  A lot of players have come up and said that I'm lacking actual frontline troops and that Horrors are going to die as soon as they get touched.  Yes, that is true and I agree with them, so I'm going to add a huge ass unit of Tzaangors in there to compliment my forces and somehow make the entire list better in a number of ways.

Let's check out the new list:


Lord of Change = 300
+Tzeentch's Firestorm
+General - Incorporeal Form (-1 to hit in CC)
+Phantasmal Weapons (+1 Rend to all melee)

Mounted Chaos Sorcerer = 140
+Shield of Fate

Tzaangor Shaman = 120
+Shield of Fate
+Fold Reality

Gaunt Summoner = 100
+Glimpse the Future
+Fold Reality

30x Tzaangors = 540

10x Horrors = 140
+Bolt of Change

10x Horrors = 140
+Arcane Transformation

9x Tzaangor Skyfires = 480

Alright, looks like we're back with a 40 point bid again.  The only difference here is that I've dropped all my Burning Chariots and put in 30 Tzaangors into the mix.  The guys are going to look like 2 shield/2 great swords/1 mutant per 5, so that leaves me with 12/12/6 overall.  If I have the option to build a few more in shields, I think I would because this gives me a 4+/6++ with re-roll 1, 2 and 3s with the proper buffs (Mystic Shield, Shield of Fate).

On the surface, this doesn't really look like much, but the 30x Tzaangors gives me +60 wounds on top of a whole bunch of other crazy stuff.  Let's go down all of their crazy abilities to make sure we're all on the same page that this is actually a rock solid replacement to the Burning Chariots and that I'm not some kind of random crazy.  The first thing to note is that I make an additional attack for each model in the unit with its Savage Blade or Savage Greatblade for every 9 models in the unit (max to 3 per model).  This means that my unit at full capacity can throw out 5 attacks per dude wielding a Savage Blade, 6 from the Mutant or 4 from the Greatblade.  Not only that, but if I have any Arcanite Heroes within 9" at the start of the combat phase, I can turn all of their 4+ to wound into 3+.  This means that the Tzaangor Shaman and Gaunt Summoner are really great for keeping them within 9" of the unit.  Lastly, models with the Arcanite Shield can ignore damage entirely (including Mortal Wounds) on a roll of a 6.  With Shield of Fate, I will be re-rolling any failed 1-3s.  All in all, this is 60 wounds of hard hitting, really dangerous, self-sufficient units that can run and charge in the same turn with 6" speed.  The 5 Bravery is not the best thing in the world, but I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to be losing combat all that badly.  Lastly, to make things a little more ridiculous, the Icon Bearer also has a pretty fantastic ability.  At the start of each of my hero phases, take a dice for every Wizard (friend or foe) within 9" of the unit.  I can then pick an enemy unit within 18" and roll a dice so that the unit suffers a mortal wound for each roll of 4+.  See, that's not too bad.  It's free damage for me not really doing anything.

The one thing that I really like about this list is that I get to bring a Mounted Chaos Sorc again into the list.  I'm still debating how I want to actually build this model, but I might just put a ol' moonface on a Chaos Knight and call it a day.  Regardless, what makes the Chaos Sorc really impressive is that he automatically gives a unit Oracular Visions.  You can pick a unit in the hero phase and you just re-roll 1s for that unit, just like that.  He also has Daemonic Power which has a casting value of 5+ and the reason why you bring this dude in the first place.  you pick a unit within 18" and until the next hero phase, the unit can re-roll any 1s to hit, wound and save.  That is just a fantastic buff spell, probably one of the best in the entire game.  The 140 points makes him really affordable and Daemonic Power combined with a full unit of Tzaangor Skyfires is absolutely brutal.  You already do something like 6 Mortal Wounds per shooting phase from the Skyfires with the Shaman nearby, so when you can up their damage even more with 3s re-rolling 1s, the damage goes up even more.  This makes them one of the best units in the game for cracking armor and applying solid damage from insane threat ranges (16" move + 24" range).

Alright, well, I don't have much else to really change here.  Glimpse the Future is a really powerful spell that I want to play around with first, but I might not even need it if Arcane Suggestion might be better.  I'm going to have to play around with the magic some more, but Arcane Suggestion can really keep my Lord of Change safe in melee if I'm able to get off Incorporeal Form's -1 to hit with Drop Your Weapons -1 to hit and wound on a unit, or Phantasmal Weapons (additional -1 Rend to all melee) with Turn Around (-1 to save rolls for the unit).

Let me know what you think about this list.  I'm going to be placing an order by the end of the week.

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