Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some updates and Battlefleet Gothic Armada

Getting pumped!

Sorry I've been a bit busy folks.  It was been quite a hectic turn of events lately with real life, work, and only one lousy X-Wing tournament where I came in 11/40 running Brobots.  Can you believe it?  I was the only Brobots player at the whole event.  I ran the variant codenamed Tricky Crabs and it was B/C with Crack Shot with Advanced Sensors with HLCs.  There were some games where the dice spiked really wildy like the first game vs. PalpAces, to a point where I think my opponent rolled 21/21 hits on red dice without mods.  He was kind enough to apologize for that craziness, so props to him.

I'm going to an Armada Store Championship this weekend AND next weekend, and I'm probably going to bring my MC80/MKII/TRC90 list with 4x YTs to both events.  I haven't played in a while though, so I might be a little rusty to say the least.  No worries though, the events by me are fairly casual and we're still trying to build a community here and that's the most important part.  I would much rather grow the community than show up super competitive, stomp on some newbies and then drive them away from playing the game ever again.

On the PC gaming front, this month will be pretty exciting.  News on the street says Battlefleet Gothic Armada will be releasing, and I have already pre-ordered the game so I'm going to be in the multiplayer beta that will hopefully be in the next week or two.  Since I have such a huge hard on for  BFG and RTS games in general, this is going to be life-consuming.  I'm thinking about doing full coverage using the blog, the gaming channel AND streaming through Twitch.  The idea behind that will just be to play the game as much as possible and see how I like it.  Hopefully the game will be good; with solid gameplay mechanics, good balance and rewarding depth.  I'm really hoping that it will be good, but I'm keeping a very close eye on For Honor and Total War: Warhammer too in the next couple of months.  Both of those should be coming out for PC and both should be purchase-worthy for me.

Once BFG:A hits beta, I'll start spamming links all over the blog, complete with strategy guides on how to play.  I'll probably play a lot of Eldar since that's what I played back in the day, but I'm also intrigued on what the Chaos fleet has to offer.  Stay tuned!

Here is a blurb about what I had to say about how Eldar could play in BFG:A compared to the TT:

Eldar on TT are as follows:
>They are extremely maneuverable and fast with the right sun facing.
>Their ships are rather specialized and cost more than other races.
>Their ships are more fragile and can take critical much easier.
>They have more accurate torpedoes and gunnery.
>Their torpedoes and aircraft are much harder to hit while being superior.
>Their Pulsars are essentially rapid fire lances.
>Their ships are protected by Holo-fields; which makes them very difficult to hit, but no turrets.
>Their ships' weapons are generally shorter ranged and prow-focused.

In short, they use speed and maneuverability to get in close, hit extremely hard, while slipping away from return fire due to their Holo-fields. If they do suffer hits (generally due to AoEs, celestial phenoms, and/or saturation of fire), they will take greater amounts of damage due to the lower hull values on their ships and being more susceptible to crits.

How they will translate on the PC remains to be seen, but I think all of the above can be translated quite easily as long as the damage formula incorporates hit chance. I believe there is hit chance because looking at some of the gameplay videos and tutorials, it's pretty clear that ships can actually miss shots. This means that roughly 83% of conventional weapons will miss the Eldar, but once they do hit, they will hit for significant damage and increased crit chance.

With his playstyle in mind, it's going to be quite clear that Eldar are going to be extremely micro-intensive compared to the other factions. It's just how their ships are designed to play.

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