Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BFG: Armada MP Beta starts Thursday

I have made Admiral Ackbar proud this season.

The title says it all gents.  BFG: Armada, here we come!  I don't know exactly when they plan on releasing the MP Beta phase, but it's supposed to happen Thursday at GMT+1.  That should mean anywhere between 4pm and 12am my time?  Vague, I know.  What does this mean for you folks that have been looking forward to playing it as well?  Well, you can follow my Twitch channel since I will be streaming the hell out of it.  My Eldar is going to be pretty bloodthirsty, so I plan on playing a few skirmish games to get a clue of the commands and then send the fleet immediately into battle online for some good times.

On another note, last week I had a Armada Store Tournament.  I'm happy to say that I scored 28 out of 30 possible tournament points with a 9-1 win, 10-0 and 9-1 win with the following list..

Author: HERO
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Points: 390/400
Commander: Admiral Ackbar

Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery
Defense Objective: Fire Lanes
Navigation Objective: Intel Sweep

[ flagship ] MC80 Command Cruiser (106 points)
-  Admiral Ackbar  ( 38  points)
-  Home One  ( 7  points)
-  Intel Officer  ( 7  points)
-  Engine Techs  ( 8  points)
-  Electronic Countermeasures  ( 7  points)
-  XI7 Turbolasers  ( 6  points)
-  Leading Shots  ( 4  points)

Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points)
-  Gunnery Team  ( 7  points)
-  Electronic Countermeasures  ( 7  points)
-  XI7 Turbolasers  ( 6  points)

CR90 Corvette A (44 points)
-  Turbolaser Reroute Circuits  ( 7  points)

4 YT-2400s ( 64 points)

I played against Rebels in all 3 of my games because the meta was insane.  In my first tournament this season, I saw a good mix of Imperials and Rebels, but in this last one it was 10/12 Rebel players.  My first game was vs. an Ackbar Defiance MC80 with 2x TRC90s and a bunch of squadrons, my second game was vs. dual MC30c torps, MC80 with Dodonna and a MKII, and my last game was vs. this crazy 3x MKII (one was Galant Haven) build with Dodonna and 10x Ys with a HWK.  That one was really tough, but I just got right up in the middle of the pack and Ackbar slashed with my MC80 Battleship.  I was able to slash in every single one of my games thanks to Engine Techs and that was devastating for all my opponents.

Does my list look familiar?  It's pretty much the list that I perfected over Wave 2 and the list I'm most familiar with.  This marks the second 1st place showing this season for Armada with the same list, so I'm pretty happy.  I was going to try for 3/3, but with BFG needing my full attention, I'm going to bail on this weekend's tournament.

Anyways, catch me on Twitch if you like BFG or just want to see a new game.  I'm going to giving this game my full attention for quite a long time so come hang out on my channel.

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