Sunday, November 15, 2015

Armada: Exploring the Wave2 meta

This is some stunning artwork.

What kind of lists do you guys think see join the party once Wave2 hits?  The think the most obvious answer to this is to look at what players are currently playing in Wave1 and just extrapolate on top of it.  Imagine your best performing list right now with a hundred extra points.  What do you do first?  Do you add one of the new ships?  Do you just add a few tried and true ships?  Or do you finally decide to stop putting capital ships out to sea without a few squadrons to back them up?  I think we will see all of these variants in no time at all.  Once Wave2 hits, the meta is going to explode with creativity and it will be a very long time before we see which lists come up on top.

Here are some of the lists I think we'll see in Wave2:
  • GenCon special, but upgraded with ISD-II, 3 Glads and a good amount of fighter cover.
  • I think in general, fighter diversity will increase a lot:  YT-2400s, Firesprays, and a lot more will take the field.
  • You can take the current World'st list and just replace the CR90 with another Assault MKII.  Imagine 8 A-Wing squadrons with 3 kited out Assault MKIIs with Ackbar throwing out extra red dice.
  • There's going to be double ISD-II lists and maybe even double MC80.  Although I don't think the MC80 will see as much play as the double ISD, there is going to be a lot of people trying out the fat ship strategy.  Hell, you might even see 3 ISDs with Motti.. wouldn't that be fun.
  • You will see the list that I've been developing: Ackbar's Whaling Fleet, or basically a fat MC80 and 2 fat whales.
  • We will see Rhymerballs with Jumpmaster tech, TIE Fighters with Dengar, B-Wings with Independence, the list of combos and tricks goes on!
  • That guy will definitely try 4x MKIIs with Ackbar, Gunnery Team, ECM and XI7s.  You know its going to happen since the damage output on the list is murderous.
  • There is definitely going to be ship swarm, taking Nebs, CR90s, MC30cs swimming around everywhere.  What about a heavy Imperial Raider build?  It's so crazy it might just work.
  • We might see the end of ship-only builds or we might see the beginning of solo squadrons (e.g. my Darth Vader and Dash Rendar tech).
  • Take everything that just discussed, and now think of it in a mirror match, blue vs. blue, Imperial vs. Imperial.  Now the fun starts.

Overall, I think the safer bets are taking current builds and then adding on top of it.  For example, the edited Worlds list with 3x Nebs with Ackbar and 6x A-Wings, Gallant Haven and Jan Ors is a very safe list to try first.  Going out of the way and doing double ISD-II with say, 4x Firespray-31s can definitely work, but it's thinking slightly outside the box.

What kind of lists are you going to try first?  Whatever it is, it's probably going to be awesome.

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