Friday, November 13, 2015

Armada: Double ISD and Home One

Show them the power of the dark side.

Hey guys.  Just a quick post on how double ISD-IIs can be a crazy list to fight against.  Like most of you folks know, I'm already super for players taking the ISD-II in every single one of their Imperial lists.  Even though I would think about taking a VSD and GSD into the mix, I think a double ISD list would be absolutely crazy to fight against.  Can you just think about how much firepower will be pouring out?  11 HP is a crazy amount of health to chew through as well, so why not make it just a little more while mowing down Rebel ships?

Well, here you go:

Author: HERO
Faction: Galactic Empire
Points: 399/400
Commander: Admiral Motti

Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery
Defense Objective: Contested Outpost
Navigation Objective: Minefields

[ flagship ] Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (120 points)
-  Admiral Motti  ( 24  points)
-  Relentless ( 3  points)
-  Intel Officer  ( 7  points)
-  Gunnery Team  ( 7  points)
-  Electronic Countermeasures  ( 7  points)
-  XI7 Turbolasers  ( 6  points)

Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (120 points)
-  Avenger  ( 5  points)
-  Intel Officer  ( 7  points)
-  Gunnery Team  ( 7  points)
-  Electronic Countermeasures  ( 7  points)
-  XI7 Turbolasers  ( 6  points)

Raider-I Class Corvette (44 points)
-  Impetuous  ( 4  points)
-  Ordnance Experts  ( 4  points)

1 Darth Vader ( 21 points)

With Admiral Motti, you can have 14 hull points on each ISD and just mow down everything in your path.  You have so much health on a single ship that they will stay around forever.  Just think about it:  My Ackbar Whaling Fleet has a total of 20 hull points in the entire fleet.  You have 28 hull points between TWO ships, and the Raider-I also has 5 hull points, which gives you 33 hull points total in 3 ships.  That's just ridiculous.  I am seriously contemplating taking something like this as the go-to list for competitive play and solid balance.

If you feel that the Corvette is not worth it despite being able to take air multiple times with black dice that re-roll hits, you can drop him and Vader and load up on a massive fighter fleet.  This might also give you a good incentive to take some boosted coms in your offensive retro slots.  Some good squadrons to take in combination with your ISDs can be anything from TIE Advanced or as many Firesprays as you can.  For more fighter ideas, check out the tricks and combo post I have up on Armada.

Oh, and if you're curious, I'm thinking about editing my Ackbar Whaling Fleet.  I'm basically changing out my M80 to the command variant and cutting out some points so I can fit Dash Rendar into the mix.  I figure that the Command variant of the M80 is just as good as the Assault and Engine Techs are just so crucial on the M80.  I can risk losing Advanced Projectors so I don't really need the extra defensive slot, and I don't really need the extra Intel Officers on the whales due Home One handing out accuracy tokens.  Of course having more is better, but in a points-driven game, you can only fit so much into an effective list.

M80 Command, Ackbar, Home One, Intel, Engine Techs, ECM, XI7
Assualt MKIIB, Intel, Gunnery Team, ECM, XI7
Assualt MKIIB, Leia, Gunnery Team, ECM, XI7
Dash Rendar

I also wanted to say that I have pre-loaded Star Wars Battlefront and next week, I will be spamming the hell out of that game.  I'll make sure to link some of my TIE Fighter/X-Wing action.

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