Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just got into Netrunner

Netrunner is on!

Yup, nothing more than what needs to be said.  Right now, I'm enjoying Corp a lot more because I like the feeling of building up defenses and resources.  Running is OK, but I think I like the fantasy of playing big conspiracy-level bad guys a lot better.  I'm currently piloting Near-Earth Hub, Blue Sun, Replicating Perfection, and Engineering the Future.  I would say out of those, Near-Earth Hub (butchershop variant) and Blue Sun (another butchershop) is my most favorite, although Engineering the Future is starting to grow on me.  Replicating Perfection I feel, is too dicey at times due to the weaker ICE and rolling dice.  As for runners, I'm leaning towards Leela, Hayley and Noise.

Do any of you guys play?  We should find a time to play on OCTGN.  I only started playing 3 days ago but that's been taking up the majority of my gaming time.

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