Monday, July 6, 2015

Just bought into Warhammer 40K: Conquest

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

I made the leap yesterday and placed an order for 3x core sets and all of the existing warpacks (6 of them).  This should mean that I'll have at least 3x of every card and 6x of every core set card.  I've done a lot of research into the game lately and it looks like serious fun to play.  My plan is to get my local gaming group into the game and start up something that can add to the local meta.  I believe there's already a playgroup that goes to the local tournaments around here, so I'll hopefully add onto that with a few players.

The biggest drawback right now is I only have 2 playsets (6x cards total, 3x is the playset) of some really popular cards.  I'm talking about Rogue Trader, Void Pirate and Promotion.  While some decks don't have those because they have their own ridiculously good cards, a lot of other decks do because they lack those options.  I mean, that's OK for now since I can just move those cards around from the decks I plan to build, but once more players think about playing seriously, they'll have to buy their own 2x starer sets and whatever else.

Right now, I plan on building the following decks:

One of the best things about this game has to be the fact that I can swap some cards around and all of a sudden, I have a new deck.  Throw a few things around from Eldorath and replace some warlord specific cards here and there and I have a Baharroth deck.  Do the same with Cato and you have a Ragnar deck.  All of these guys play radically different and that's what I love about the game system thus far.  Sure, I don't like seeing Rogue Traders and Void Pirates everywhere, but that's only because the game is still relatively new and there's no faction specific cards out for them yet.  Hopefully with the upcoming deluxe expansion we'll see some replacements.

Have any of you guys gotten into this game?  It looks incredible.  Some of the new art too, absolutely incredible.  For 150 bucks, I have every army in the game, all of which are competitive because the rules are well-written and there's direct tournament support.  Wow.


McNs said...

I really enjoy Conquest. You're spot on the money with how deck building works.

I had a hard time keeping players interested in it as it competes with Netrunner locally. If your meta doesn't have that issue, I heartily recommend this!

archied said...

Word of warning regarding LCGs.
I got very much into netrunner when that dropped, and was very sold on the idea of the LCG model (having been a former semi serious magic player, seemed like it would be easier on my wallet and time).
But i soon found the release schedule for expansions was higher than i expected, and i just didnt have the time to invest in playing it often enough for it to be worth me keeping up to date with the expansions and to keep my decks up to date with 'the meta'.
So myself and the small number of guys i got into it with decided to set an abritrary cut-off point at the end of the 2nd cycle, we play (very) occasionally just using cards from those sets, so that kinda works.

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