Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's been a long time

Best score was 36-0 in a TIE Fighter.  Forgot to screenshot gg.

Hi guys, sorry it's been such a long time, but I've had the driest of spells in terms of minis games.  I think the whole Age of Sigmar stuff bummed me out to a point where I didn't want anything to do with Games Workshop for a while, but it turned out that it spilled over to all of my minis stuff.  Don't worry though, that's about to change big time in the next couple of weeks.

To start off, I'd like to say that I think I'll be switching over to playing X-Wing for quite some time.  I just think FFG does everything a hundred times better than GW and honestly, having played Netrunner, Warhammer Conquest and X-Wing, I must say that they are straight up better games.  Since I'm a gamer first and foremost, I'll be getting back into X-Wing in a big way.  I already have 3 of the new Force Awaken sets and I can't wait to get some of my new toys on the field.  As some of you guys might know, I'm an elite Interceptor player at heart.  That's how I started the hobby and that's the direction I want to continue in.  However, it's hard to beat having multiple TIE F/Os on the field because they're so damn good for the points.  Sure, some might think 15 points min is a little steep, but the improved dial and the extra shield for 3 more points is a damn good bargain.  The same could be said about the T-70, especially since it's pretty much a flat out better version of the T-65 but you gain the boost ability and a shield for almost no points over the stock T-65.

In terms of gaming, I've been playing a lot of computer games over the last couple of weeks.  I've gotten back into Wargame: Red Dragon, started playing World of Warships in my German Battleship Tirpitz, and recently finished playing 24 hours of the Star Wars Battlefront beta.  If you haven't played the beta, I'm sorry, but it's probably the best beta I've ever played.  The immersion is amazing; the size of the world, the feel of the battlefield, the sounds, the rich atmospherics, and the beautiful graphics is just sublime.  It's hard to describe it entirely, but its something I think every serious Star Wars fan or even gamer needs to get their hands on it when it comes out on November 17th.  I already pre-ordered the game not because I had a great time, but also because it was surprisingly smooth with very minor glitches and network issues.  Balance issues aside, the game is looking to be one hell of a game.  I literally spent 22 of those 24 hours in the cockpit of a TIE Fighter or X-Wing, and my KDR towards the end was insane.  I rarely died and had numerous games where I was 25+ kills to zero deaths.  Hold onto your seat boys, the ace of aces is coming to get you in Squadron Battles.  Oh, and if you want to talk about flying some more, just let me know in the comments and I'll explain the best I can!

Speaking of which, once Battlefront releases, I'm thinking about starting a gaming channel on Youtube.  I think it will have a lot of Battlefront stuff on it, but I'm also thinking about increasing the production value on some of the minis games that I play, namely X-Wing or whatever else I get my hands on.  My wife is a brilliant editor and she already said she can help me with the footage that I'll shoot during gaming.  That's pretty damn awesome.

Alright, that's all I got for now boys.  Stay cool and keep doing what you're doing, which is being awesome.

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