Thursday, February 5, 2015

Skaven: A more well-rounded list

So many rats, so many possibilities!

After exploring the prospect of fielding double Storm Fiends, I still feel that that particular configuration is not the better list.  If you think about all the weaknesses that Storm Fiends present, there's just too much risk in fielding two units of fatty gun rats.  What if someone brings a shooting dominated list and you're not playing the Storm Banner?  Chances are that you're going to get out-ranged, possibly out-gunned and that you'll have a bunch of dead fatties on the table before they even attempt to make their points back.  This is no good.  You never want to enter any kind of competitive environment where you're banking on your opponents not showing up with particular lists.  That's almost asking for trouble.

Enter the more balanced list:

2400 ETC
12 deploys

Grey Seer, Plague = 275
Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse, Gem
+Screaming Bell = 200

Grey Seer, Ruin = 320
Power Scroll, 4+ Ward

Chieftain, BSB = 124
Halberd, Shield, 4+ Ward Armor

Warlock Engineer = 45

46x Stormvermin, FC, Razor Standard = 392
50x Skaven Slaves, FC = 106
49x Skaven Slaves, FC = 104
1x Giant Rat Pack = 23
1x Giant Rat Pack = 23
1x Giant Rat Pack = 23

5x Gutter Runners, Poison, Slings = 90
5x Gutter Runners, Poison, Slings = 90

3x Storm Fiends, Rattling Cannons = 255
1x Warp Lightning Cannon = 90
1x Warp Lightning Cannon = 90
1x Doomwheel = 150

In this list, you basically take everything that's good about Skaven and stick it in one list.  All the characters minus the Doomrocket Caddy sits in the MR2 Stormvermin unit with the Razor Standard.  Depending on the matchup and what the map looks like, you either deploy tight with 5, 7 with 2 on each side, or a full horde with 10 across.  The objective here is that you have 2 Grey Seers slinging magic out from the Bell unit, ODing on Warp Tokens while you push up with Storm Fiends nearby the BSB.  This strongly compliments your already lethal magic phase since Skaven has some of the most brutal ranged magic spells.  I'm trying out the Power Scroll lately because I really want to capitalize on the power of magic so I can take full advantage of my double Grey Seers.  Everyone that matters has a 2++ ward save vs. magic attacks thanks to the Bell, and the 2x units of Gutter Runners will fend off any warmachines that stray too far from support.

The thing I like most about this list is having the 2x WLC and Doomwheel as support for the Storm Fiends.  There are a couple of things that Skaven fear more than anything else and one of them is big monsters and fatties getting into close combat.  If you haven't noticed by now, rats are not the best in close combat and the Skaven try their best to tie up good combat units with plebs while you blast them away with Rattling Cannons and Warp Lightning Cannons.  While the Stormvermin are pretty decent in close combat, Skaven prefer to win the dirty way.  As you can see, this list poses a stronger threat element against more list combinations than just double Storm Fiends.  The WLC gives you confidence that you can destroy clumped up infantry, counter-battery when needed, and provides you with a long-ranged answer to advancing monsters.  Of course, things typically goes to shit if a dragon manages to reach your lines, but that's why you have the Doomwheel to assist in such times.  When things get hairy, send in a spinning rat wheel powered by warp lightning.


Prince Yrellian said...

So does including the Ratlings change your army to be classified as "End Times" or are Skaven exempt from that? Thus allowing them to be used at regular tournaments? I havent looked at book yet.

hads said...

I played against a very similar list some days ago ( just one seer with bell, 4++, power scroll, and some more engineers, runners and chaff).

The list is insane. Place the rattlings behind a hill and the only option the enemy has is to stay away. If the enemy comes to a charging distance, yo can cover or redirect with the chaff spam you have.

I was playing my beastmen against a friend, so I told him: "OK, I should probably stay behind a hill for the whole game and concede 12 pts at most, but I'll try to get into combat and see what happens..." In 4 shooting turns, the ratlings, on a hill, killed 5 blightkings, 16 bestigors and a 3++ ward save Flying doombull. I coulndt reach the bell, behind a sea of chaff, and the flybull couldnt fly for a couple of turns because of that skaven spell.

I think this is the kind of list all teams will be using in ETC, and as long as 2+ ratlings are allowed... its bad news for balancehammer :(.

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