Friday, September 27, 2013

New Dark Elves cover and rules

Look at this badass.

Looks pretty epic to me!

Got some infos on the new stuff today:

  • Kharybdis is WS 5, 5A, S7, T5, 4+AS. If all attacks hit, it deals an aditional d6 s7 attacks
  • Warhydra is s5, 5wounds. A is equal to number of remaining wounds +3. its a special choice
  • RBB (?) is switched to special
  • Crossbowmen retain the option for shields
  • Bloodwrack shrine and cob are a chariot, which may narch and join units. Cob has a bound spell for frenzy and grants the unit he joins a 6+ ws (5+ in case of witchelves)
  • Bloodwrack medusa has a 4 shot s4 shooting attack wirh killing blow, and is monstrous infantey (s and t 4)
  • Models in b2b suffer a s4 hit with killing blow if they fail an i test
  • Sisters of slaughter gain a bonus to hit and to wound if their opponent has a higher ws ir strength. Their 4+ ward save only applies in close combat. They negate enemues ranks for combat resolution. 
  • It was hinted that black guard and executioners will be more expensive.


New Sisters of Slaughter art?

Pre-orders are up!


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Grovel said...

That pic looks like a regular Witch to me btw.

Prince Yrellian said...

My buddy noticed if you look at picture of dreadspears, like the armywide pictures, behind you can see new executioners/blackguard. pretty nifty.

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