Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Dark Elves rules

Kill everything!

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Sisters of Slaughter: WS 6, I 6, A 2 and a 4++ ward.

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  • Black Guard are ItP, ASF, Eternal hatred, Stubbord, Murderess prowess
    • Stats are 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1, 6, 2, 9
  • War Hydra is 180 points including fiery roar. Interesting the WD description talks about a lashing tail and poisoned tipped claws (possible upgrades IMO). The WD describes the War Hydra being able to regain wounds during the game, and then goes on to say its like an improved regeneration rule.
  • Dreadspears are 9ppm with Shield and spear, whilst rptxbows are 12ppm.
  • All Dark Elves all have ASF, Hatred (High Elves), and murderess prowess special rules
  • Witchelves also have Frenzy, and Poisoned attacks ontop of ASF, Hatred (HE) and MP. 
  • The frenzy is increased to +2 attacks with the CoB apparently (unconfirmed)
  • The CoB also magnifies murderous prowess - reroll all failed to wound rolls instead of just 1's
  • A High Beastlord has the ability to boost nearby monster units. Unsure of how. Presumably you can still get a beastlord hero as the High beastlord is a lord option.
  • The Medusa can be taken on a mount (bloodwrack throne) or on foot (er tail)
    • On foot it is 90ppm and is selected from the rare option, has some sort of shooting attack with kb
  • I am surprised and happy to see the return of points values in WD battle reports  :mrgreen:
  • Edit: Hellbron is included in the CoB model. Yes Plastic Hellbron, alongside a Bloodwrack Medussa, and a Hag...
  • I forgot to add, I've had confirmation that Black Guard are on stock run down. That means only one thing...
  • The WD also supports this as it mentions several times the "total redesign" of the Dark Elves, with only the CoK and Corsairs being 'sacred'

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  • The Hydra btw lost its Regeneration. Has the ability to get Lifepoints back. It has d3 attacks + 1 attack for each lifepoint and will cost 160 points. (Without breath)
  • cauldron of blood will have a +5 Ward for the Unit its placed inside. It also gives Frenzy (Rage or what ever it is in english) if the Unit already has it, they will get 2 attackes instead of one.
  • It also gives something in a range of 6" around the CoB. But forgot what it is sorry.
  • The Medusa will have an ability to force Initative tests with models in base contact. And it has Killing blow as a Range attack. I think it was 3 Attacks. 


TheKingInYellow said...

Black Guard are going to be absolutely brutal if I am reading this right...

WS5, S6, reroll misses, reroll wounds of 1, 2 attacks each and stubborn. A block of thirty sounds like an 'I win' button.

Thuloid said...

That looks like S5 (5, 5 4 3 3 means m5, ws5, bs4, s3, t3...). But otherwise, yeah, very mean. They'll be more expensive than Swordmasters, though--maybe 15 each?

HERO said...

I'm thinking the price range will be similar to HE elite infantry: 13ppm to 15ppm. I can't see them less than 15 with those rules though! The Sisters also look really deadly; I'm pricing them around 13 for now.

ikram said...

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buddythedarkelf said...

S5? Black Guard have halberds making their strength 3 strength 4. They're good, but compared to swordmasters and white lions they're kind of ok. They are 15 ppm confirmed. Executioners are going to be the way to go.

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