Monday, November 21, 2011

Your army is overpowered

Got another thread for you guys to look at:

Yes, it's from Warseer, but I've seen stuff like this on a billion other forums:  Dakka, Heresy, B&C, BoLS..etc.  It seems to me that everyone and their dog seems to think Grey Knights are overpowered.  Is this true?  Personally, I do think that aside from the outrageous fluff that the book is a little strong.  I think the book is more Space Marine hunters than Daemonhunters, but hey, to each his own.

Let me sum up this thread for you guys in a nut shell:
  • The OP is a Space Wolf player calling Grey Knights overpowered.
  • Several IG players chime in calling Space Wolves overpowered.
  • Blood Angels are mentioned briefly but dismissed because they are overshadowed by Space Wolves, IG and GK.
  • No GK players come to defend themselves.
Does that mean GK, SW and IG are the only OP armies?  Is that what the internets have decided?  What about you guys and what do you think?

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