Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for some Firestorm

Aquan Prime BB.

I'll be playing Firestorm next week hopefully.  Pretty damn excited.  My fishmans (Aquan Prime) haven't seen the light of day in forever.  Maybe they were hibernating?  Or maybe they're just waiting for SG to get out more ships and MARs!  Did you guys see some of the new Dreadnoughts and Destroyers Spartan put out for Firestorm?  They look quite bad ass.  I'm a huge sucker for space combat and I'm about to indulge myself in some casual, exploding dice fire frenzy.  I'll try my best not to rage quit and throw my models across the table if they blow up.

Here's what I plan on bringing at 1k points:

Poseidon BB (3x AP) = 215
Poseidon BB (3x AP) = 215
Manta BC (9x AP) = 275
4x Storm CL = 240
2x Pirahna FF = 40
+3x Interceptor Wings = 15

Also thinking about possibly dropping the Manta's AP for max Pirahna squads.. but realistically, they're probably just going to have to swim somewhere and hopefully not die.  Might also drop a CL for max FF, what do you guys think?
Oh, and here's some Wings rules I want to try.  I saw this on the Spartan Games forums and there's quite a bit of good feedback.  It's user-created so I have my doubts, but I think it can be for the betterment of the game.

These rules make three major changes: 
1.) Wings from Carriers activate as part of their Carrier's activation.
2.) Carriers may Link Fire with their Wings.  
3.) Wings receive specialization bonuses partially based on a suggestion by one of the Spartan Games team members in another thread (I forgot the link, so if someone has it lemme see so I can properly give credit).  

The following is the second revision of the suggested Variant Wing Rules.  The rules really aren't that long, I just write for maximum clarity.  Some of it may be repetitive.  

  • Interceptors deal 2 hits to enemy wings on a roll of 5 (destroying them, but still only get a bonus d6 on a result of 6).  See Clarifications for a reminder on standard Wing combat.
  • Fighters that receive a destroyed result may roll a d6, and on a roll of 6 are instead Driven Off.  Fighters may make this roll for each destroyed result they receive.  This ability must be resolved immediately upon receiving the destroyed result.  This allows an opponent to assign bonus dice from rolling a 6 to the Fighter should it survive.
  • Bombers receive +1 to AD rolls.
  • AP from Assaulters receive +1 to the first roll in a Boarding action (AP from other sources receive no bonus even if they participate in the boarding action)

  • Wings activate as part of a Carrier's combat action and may Link Fire with their Carrier (assuming the Wings can make a legal attack as per standard FS:A rules, see Clarifications regarding Command Distance).  When Linking Fire with Wings, the Flight receives its full AD and the Carrier links with 1/2 AD.
  • All Wings from the same Carrier activate simultaneously.  In effect, this allows mixed Wing Flights.  However, Carriers are still restricted to only carrying two types of Wings.
  • All Flights/Wings from a Carrier activate at the same time as the parent Carrier, even if they are working independently (choosing not to Link Fire).  Wings that are attached to a ship may detach as normal per the activation rules, but may choose to remain with the attached ship as normal.
  • You do not receive an additional STAR card for your carrier-bound wings.  They are NOT an additional squadron, they do not have a separate activation from your Carrier.  They are a component of your Carrier's squadron, and only activate with your Carrier.
  • Opponents who are able to roll PD against a Torpedo salvo and/or Wings must split their PD amongst all valid targets as normal per PD rules.  Boarding Actions exempt (see clarifications).
  • PD against Assaulters & PD against Boarding Actions by ships are handled separately.  However, after PD resolves AP from both sources are pooled together for the Boarding roll.

These are core rules which are relevant to the Variant Wing Rules.  
  • In the standard rules, Wing v. Wing combat rolls of 3-5 result in Driven Off results and Destroyed only on a 6.  Rolls of 6 grant bonus dice which may be rolled against adjacent
  • Wings do not have to obey Command Distance
  • As per previous rules clarifications, Boarding Actions are a separate phase of combat.  Therefore, PD is not split between Boarding and other forms of attack (such as torpedoes).  The ship defending against a boarding action receives its full PD against a Boarding Action, but other ships may not participate in its defense (only the ship being boarded rolls PD against boarders).

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