Monday, November 7, 2011

Necons: Thinking outloud

A collection of Necron tips and tricks!

Tip #1 - Lychguard Deathstar
Submitted by HERO

Say you have Nemesor and Obyron.
Nemsor sits on a perch with 20x Warriors and a Cryptek with Tremorstave in cover with good LoS.

A Necron Lord w/ Res Orb, a Cryptek with Gaze, Obyron, 10x Lychguard with Dispersion Shields fly towards the enemy in a Night Scythe going Supersonic 36".  The Night Scythe has 3++ due to turbo and Stealth because Nemesor says he does.

They get out, and start wreaking havoc.  If things go poorly, they just teleport back to Nemesor.

Random thought:  Anyone assaulting that squad will not have Furious Charge, the Necrons themselves will have Counter-Attack and defensive grenades.  It's just all kinds of bad news.

Tip #2 - Destroyer Lord and Wraiths
Submitted by HERO

On the flank, you have a Destroyer Lord with Res Orb.
His bodyguard does not consist of Destroyers, but 6x Wraiths.
3++ bodyguards with 3 S6 Rending attacks each and a 4+ WBB for later.
Not bad for roughly 380 points.

Tip #3 - The World trembles
Submitted by HERO

A good amount of Crypteks with Tremorstave in transports.
36" range blast that on hit, makes the unit suffer Difficult Terrain.
C'tan with Writhing Worldscape on the field somewhere.
When you blast things, they're taking difficult and dangerous every time they move.
Note:  Difficult for vehicles is always considered Dangerous, and they fail on a 1 and 2.

Tip #4 - Monolith LoS
Submitted by EldarCorsair

My own suggested trick: Move/face the Monolith backwards (it has the same armor on all sides and its guns don't really care which direction you're facing), when unloading Troops onto objectives, that way you can likely keep your troops hidden from enemy shooting by the Monolith's size.

Tip #5 - Doomscythes in the dark
Submitted by Metalloveman

Here's my evil trick: get night fight in effect (solar pulse/stormlord) and advance your doom scythes under cover of darkness. Note that the wording of the death ray means you can fire it without rolling for night fight(pick a point not "target a unit").

Tip #6 - Hiding your Destroyers
Submitted by Metalloveman

1. Deploy a couple of Ghost Arks mostly parallel to your board edge, nearly touching nose to tail. Deploy a squad of Heavy Destroyers near the place where the two Arks almost touch, so that you your opponent can't see them through your Ghost Arks.

2. In you movement phase, either move your Arks up or just rotate them so they're facing forward, creating a gap through which the Heavy Destroyers can shoot.

3. In your shooting phase, shoot though the gap with the Heavy Destroyers. Then shoot one set of each Arks' flayer arrays at a unit in front of it. Pivot the Arks to shoot with that array. That will close the gap between the Arks, hiding the Destroyers.

Submit your tips and tricks today!  I'll add them here :)

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