Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My 1850 Dark Eldar list

It's time to write out my Dark Eldar list.  I'm gearing it for 1850 points for now, but I'll most likely go back here and tweak it up to 2K in the future.  The thing about this list is that I'm not running Vect yet.  I probably will in the future because I think he can offer a lot of 1st turn potential.


Archon (SF, Husk Blade, Drugs, Soul Trap) = 145
Duke Sliscus the Serpent = 150

9x Warriors (Raider NS/SR, Blaster) = 176
9x Wyches (Raider AS, Hekatrix/Phantasm/Agnoizer, HG) = 205
10x Wyches (Raider AS, Hekatrix/Phantasm/Agnoizer, HG) = 215
10x Wyches (Raider AS, Hekatrix/Phantasm/Agnoizer, HG) = 215

10x Trueborn (Raider NS, 4x Blaster) = 250

Voidraven Bomber (FF, NS) = 165
Voidraven Bomber (FF, NS) = 165
Voidraven Bomber (FF, NS) = 165

The Archon here is the Archon I would take if I wanted something really killy.  The Husk Blade is a power weapon that causes Instant Death and with the help of the Duke's Contraband, I might get the drugs I want.  I see Duke as an auto-include in most lists simply because he offers a ridiculous amount of benefits to the army.  Notice the amount of Combat Drugs I have floating around - that's because Contraband allows everyone to roll two dice when selecting drugs instead of 1, and you get to pick which one to take.  Wyches just got hell of a lot scarier and re-rolls to wound with a Husk Blade is no joke.

Wyches in the list come the Champ and Phantasm Grenade Launchers as standard since both together is only 20 points.  I'm still not sure about the weapon layout for them yet, but I'm going with a Hydra Gauntlet just for trial purposes.  Statistically, they're supposed to generate enough attacks for another Wych, so hopefully that will make up for the 9-man squads that I'm going to attach the Archon onto.

Warriors in this list have Night Shields and Splinter Racks simply because Duke allows one Warrior or Trueborn squad to wound on 3+ with their poison weapons.  Splinter Racks allow the entire squad to re-roll hits when shooting from their ships and combined with the Duke's rule, we're looking at a hell of a lot of forced wounds.

Trueborn in this list function as vehicle Hunter-Killers with 4x Blaster shots from an Open-Top assault vehicle.  The Night Shields can offer some protection but more than likely that squad will be targeted by everyone and their mother first.  Sure enough, that's no problem.  I just need to position my units in a way that can punch a hole in my opponent's army and focus on one side of the field first.  This is how Dark Eldar can exploit their Night Shields the best and force their units down their opponent's throat.

As you can see, this list proudly boats 3x Voidraven Bombers for a ridiculous amount of anti-armor abuse throughout the game.  My opponents will have to decide between shooting at these guys or my Raiders which is always a good thing.  The Voidravens will not only offer firing support for the advancing army, but will also ride close to the rest of my forces so it can Turbo-boost 36" and drop a Void Mine on whoever approaches or attempts to contend an objective.  The purpose of this army is to maim, kill and slaughter.  That is all.


Somewhatdamaged said...

you cant put the duke with a wych unit ;)
you need to pick a unit of warriors or trueborn for him to start the game with and gain the 3+ poison.

HERO said...

I don't recall anywhere in the army book where it said that. It simply said that he can give one squad of Warriors or Trueborn 3+ to wound on their poison weapons. Can you quote it please?

Somewhatdamaged said...

"The Serpent's Venom: Pick a unit of kabalite warriors or a unit of kabalite trueborn at the beginning of the game. Sliscus must be deployed in this unit. All splinter weapons in that unit are upgraded to poisoned (3+), to represent the Duke's collection of hypertoxins in action"

I've had the codex for the past 3 weeks ;)

Unknown said...

One question I have is why so hard-pressed to put a grenade launcher on a unit that already has plasma grenades? The only benefit is you gain defensive grenades, which If you get charged your still Initiative 5 with 2 attacks + whatever drugs you got.

also, "hardcopy" or "softcopy" on said book ;)

HERO said...

Thanks! Lucky you :(
He'll hang out in a squad of Warriors then.

HERO said...

I like the grenades on the champ because it's only a 10pt upgrade. I figured why not, defensive grenades are awesome. Given, I'll probably end up putting a PGL on the Archon since that's a pretty good choice too. I'll go fix up my list :)

Somewhatdamaged said...

@Sean: hardcopy ;) there's no 'soft' ones floating around that im aware of.

HERO said...

Hmm. I can't remember - can Vect's Raider shoot all 3 Dark Lances while moving 12"? I'm not sure if his vehicle had the rule or not. And, is it open topped?

Somewhatdamaged said...

no it cant.
its a raider not a ravager.
yes its open topped; as its a raider in all respects except for the 3 dark lances.

J. said...

I am alittle interested in how you are going to use your wytches and what your plans are on holding objectives with such fragile troops.

HERO said...

Kill as much as you can, obtain FNP and then run across the map to claim objectives. If any transports are still alive, get in and flat out to contest or claim, or shoot and drop bombs on anything that you can reach with 36" range Void Mines. I'd say Dark Eldar does best when focusing on killing the enemy first and worrying about claiming objectives after. If anything, they should use their speedy units to contest.

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