Saturday, March 31, 2018

DE: A deeper look at Warriors and Trueborn

Who needs Trueborn?

So you're saying there's a chance.. Yes! We might be able to use some of our old Index units such as the Trueborn with new and updated stats.  However, does that mean we should?  Let's take a deeper dive into what we're getting.

First, let's look at the Trueborn unit that we're running here:
5x Trueborn, 4x Blasters = 123
Venom = 65

Next, let's take a look what a typical gunboat Raider looks like when it's jammed packed with Warriors:
10x Warriors, 2x Blaster, Dark Lance = 114
Raider, Splinter Racks, Dark Lance = 95

So for 21 more points, this is what we're getting:
Double the number of wounds and less attrition for Darklight dropping off with casualties.  We have 2x Dark Lances and 2x Blasters in the unit if we're also counting the transport.  Raider is a bit beefier than the Venom with more wounds vs. most weapons.  Sure, if you move with the transport, the dude with the Dark Lance inside the transport will suffer a -1 to hit for shooting a heavy weapon.  However, with all things considered, we're looking at a bigger rock of a unit, more ablative wounds, the same amount of Darklight.

What about when you factor in Splinter fire?  With 7 dudes shooting Splinter Rifles at 24" vs. a Venom that comes with a Splinter Cannon and Twin Splinter Rifle.  That's Rapid Fire 3 from 36" and Rapid Fire 2 from 24".  Let's say that we're engaging with Rapid Fire 5 at 24", I would say immediately that the 7 dudes inside is generating more firepower at Rapid Fire 7 at 24", and 14 shots at 12".  With Flayed Skull, you re-roll 1s and you get Splinter Racks on a gunboat where you won't get one on the Venom.  This gives makes your 6s explode for double Hits and that's just amazing.

Looks like I'm not really missing Trueborn after all with the new book.

As a bonus, here's some quick value shots on 5x Warriors w/ Blaster inside a Venom w/ and w/o extra SC.  Range band analysis for cost:

5x Warriors, Blaster = 47
Venom, 2x SC = 75

36" = 6 shots
24" = 10 shots
18" = 16 shots, 1 Blaster
12" = 20 shots, 1 Blaster

5x Warriors, Blaster = 47
Venom = 65

36" = 3 shots
24" = 9 shots
18" = 12 shots, 1 Blaster
12" = 18 shots, 1 Blaster

Before, without Obsessions and bonuses like re-roll 1s to Hit or Wound, you could have made a case for a single SC Venom.  Now, I think I'm going to think differently.  The question now is which one is better overall for the points?  Gunboat Raiders or double SC Venoms?

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