Saturday, March 31, 2018

DE: Unlocking Kabal of the Black Heart

Tricky indeed!

There was a minor fact about the Kabal of the Black Heart that I might have missed.  I think we all saw the PFP chart being upped by one and dismissed the Kabal at being one of the weakest.. then a Strategem came out that changed the game.

This is a counterspell.

This a Dark Eldar counterspell through and through.  There are a lot of Strategems out there that are just ridiculous.  If you listen to some of the Mon Keigh podcasts out there talk about their random acts of bullshit, you now have the ability to play this card and tell that neckbeard that his deathstar is not going to work.  This is exactly what is needed with Dark Eldar because it will always keep the opponent off-balance.  Of course, you have to manage this well because CPs should be treated like mana in Magic.  If your opponent is smart, he will either force you to be super conservative with CP or make you spend it during times where they might not care as much.  It's up to you to figure out which critical times of the game to shut down.  There might be only one or two of these times, but it will be vitally important to your success in the game.  You can probably tell I'm a blue player in MTG.

Now, let's all take a look at the Black Heart Kabal again.

Looks can be deceiving.

Look at the last sentence:  Units with this obsession that do not have the Power from Pain ability instead gain the Inured to Suffering bonus.  I can't believe I completely overlooked this last sentence when looking over the Kabals!  What does this mean?  Now, if I'm not crazy or anything, this means that if you don't have PFP as an ability like so many other Dark Eldar fleshy units (living and breathing), you now gain that ability.  This means vehicles like Raiders, Ravagers or Razorwings all gain pseudo Spirit Stones.

That's right:  Inured to Suffering is - Roll a D6 each time a model with this ability suffers a wound.  On a 6, it ignores the injury and the wound is not lost.

I think going forward, I'm going to make my Air Wing of Razorwings Kabal of the Black Heart.  Not only does this unlock my counterspell to off-balance my opponents, but it gives them all Spirit Stones.  Huzzah!

Lastly, a quick mention that Kabal of the Black Heart actually has some great stuff:  Labyrinthine Cunning command trait is great and so is the one that allows you to re-roll 1s to wound within 6" on top of the already impressive 1s to Hit.  I actually like Cunning more if I'm to think about it a bit more.  Why?  Because I can still use it while riding safely in a Raider or something else.

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