Thursday, October 2, 2014

DE: My early DE thinktank

Thinking.. thinking...

These are just some random quotes I've been posting on the forums, thinking of ways to make the new codex work.  At this point, we know pretty much all the bells and whistles, including point costs because of some helpful people on the internet.

Here's what I have to say so far.  These will be mainly used to think about ways I can make this book work:

+++Updated 10/2+++

I see some positives out of all this, and here they are:
1. Deep Strike on all vehicles at combat speed.
2. Aethersails still cost 5 points, now give you 24" of TB movement, and no longer stops passengers from shooting next round.
3. Stealth Jinking is a 3+ cover, Ignore Cover sucks, but it's still better than nothing.

When you combine all these together, you might be able to do some stuff. I'm not saying this release is good, it really kills me inside, but this above is as good as it's going to get.

You literally do not need the Voidraven Bomber at all. It's 160 stock with 2x VLs and the mine without any upgrades, if you take missiles on it the price goes up, and you can only buy them in bunches of 4. So no matter what, you're paying extra for them. I still think 3x Ravagers will be default in Heavy, especially now that the Razorwing went to FA.

With that said, a pure DE army would probably look like:
6x Raiders in core with at least 3x gunboats, 1x Wyches, 2x min Warriors blasterboats.
3x Venoms with Blasterborn in Elite.
A unit of Reavers
A single Razorwing
3x Ravagers

I know that's what I would take my first rodeo.

Otherwise, I plan on doing more DS/Reserve Insertion with Autarchs/Voidravens and WWPs.


From what it looks like, the price for my standard gunboat will be..

In the last book..
10x Warriors (Raider FF/SR, Blaster, SC) = 195

That means the Raider has Splinter Racks and Flickerfields.

In the new book..
10x Warriors (Raider NS/SR/AS, Blaster, SC) = 195

Night Shields replace the FF and you gain points to buy Aethersails (which btw, should be on every vehicle that can take it).


I don't play with nasty Haemonculi.  Those basement-dwellers can stay where they are.

If the Succubus points stayed the same, Agonizer/Archite Glaive will put her at 105 points.  I think this will be her best build if your goal will be CC, since you'll benefit from the double specialist weapons for +1 attack.

I guess you can can a cheap Archon as well for a little bit more.  Shadowfield, Soul Trap, Huskblade makes him 135.

This is without any of the fancy new artefacts. I only see Wyches as a bodyguard unit now, 1 max per army if you're taking a CC Archon or Succubus.

I also see Autarchs playing a heavier role in our army than an allied Farseer because of our vehicles ability to DS.


I will probably have her with a unit of Wyches and call it a day.

A unit of 9x in a Raider, NS, AS, with the Hekatrix and Agonizer/Haywire is 200 points on the nose. The Succubus herself runs 110 with the Agonizer/Archite Glaive/Hawywire for a unit that's semi-decent in combat for 310 points. It will make marines cry, but you need to stay away from Terminators.

The Archon, I think is dead in the water. Just too expensive for a S3 dude with no way to take Combat Drugs. Too bad, because the Huskblade is literally the coolest melee weapon I've ever read about fluff-wise.


I invite all of you to come think with me!


Grim Dark Realms said...

Would you consider Lilith now? She has some great rumoured stats. I don't know if she can grab the WWP or not though.

Scourges look like a potential replacement for haywire wyches too, 4 haywire blasters is decent and the models are beautiful.

I had not seen the aethersails change, that's a nice little utility buff.

Ridvan said...

Scourge I think will replace ravagers in an AT role .

HERO said...

No matter what, I think Ravagers will play a role. It's the fact they're AV11 whereas Scourges are vulnerable to small-arms fire. They do look tempting though..

shawnlowrey said...

Agreed. I can't see many, if any, vehicles armies that could stand up to 24 haywire launchers for long. They would strip hull points like crazy. You then just need to deal with model pick up. Maybe a mix of those then razorwings. I am thinking of taking a fortification with the reroll reserves, then play for going 2nd, reserve everything but one well hidden unit. Re-roll all reserves on round 2, roll on and alpha strike with 90% of my army (3+ reroll for reserves). Try to get off the Vitea. By the beginning of their round 3, all units have FNP, and I have dropped all the missiles (12 str 6 large blast) and blown up vehicles.

HERO said...

I would prob sub in an Autarch for that. You have one WS with an Autarch in the unit playing backfield objectives. Hide all the Scourges, pop out in T1 and pop vehicles, T2 Raider gunboats drop in and open fire on the occupants inside.

HERO said...

Yeah, the Aethersails change is amazing. 24" TB without penalty to shooting for 5 points is a must-have on all vehicles. You can DS next to someone, don't like the scatter or is out of range, that's fine, you just TB behind cover/ruins and wait for better opportunity. You can even get behind enemy vehicles with that kind of movement, forcing them to turn or get rear-shot, or get shot from your Ravagers in the front (or back if they turn).

brodrick said...

Interesting and I hate the Wych changes. I will probably still ally with Eldar just not use any vehicles. I don't really like Reavers now but I can blend in some things to work pretty well. Why are T7, 3W MC's cost so much. Sure you can take 3 but maybe I am missing something.

I am thinking 2 hq's to leverage units I will be throwing into the fray that are relatively cheap to pin units in their zone. This will be an interesting codex to try and fit in what I want. The fact that the troops are terrible makes it easy to not care about Objective Secured

rahul verma said...

hey if u are waiting for best game the watch this u definitely like this and play lot

Dalinair said...

Be interested to hear your thoughts now the book is actually out, I'm really liking scourges

nickthewise said...

I'm interested to see how things shake out. I'm not quite sold on Ravagers, just because they lack Flickerfields now. Not sure what is going to replace them, but I am liking Talos.

HERO said...

The book is out, but I won't be home until at least Monday. Friends wedding. The review will have to wait until then.

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