Thursday, October 23, 2014

Civ: Beyond Earth

This might put a slight dent in my minis time.

Anyone going to play?  I'm foaming at the mouth right now waiting for it to come online, I already got it pre-loaded.

You can talk strategy with me here!  I'm definitely going to go Supremacy first if I get a good location to do so.  Gotta emancipate those earthlings!


Jason Mace said...

I'm going to play this non-stop this weekend. I can already sense how mad my wife is going to be

Dark_Gear said...

Supremacy sounds the most like Alpha Centauri's University faction-Long life through Zakharov's love of science and cybernetics.

greggles said...

Have you played the endless civ style game? i'm wondering how the two compare!

Darianzg said...

I will fo sho

Micky Ward said...

It sucked up my entire weekend except for a tournament I went to. Have played 4 games so far, got 3 victories (Transcendence, Contact, Domination) on different map sizes and difficulty levels. SO GOOD.

bob jones said...

SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at

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