Thursday, January 9, 2014

So how about those Tyranids

I'm still on vacation in Southeast Asia and I've read some crappy stuff on the new Nids book.

The gist of it is that while costs went down on most units, we lost Biomancy, a lot of problem areas were not fixed, and some units were nerfed for no reason.

I'd love to read what you guys think..


james said...

yep, bit of a shame about the new Nid book.
All they had to do was 3 or 4 things and suddenly it would have become fun and viable to play.
1) Most importantly give eternal warrior to synapse creatures
2) Increase the toughness of nearly every big monster by 1
3) Give them some decent anti-air fire
4) Rather optional but some kind of troop transport bug would have be fun

And they did none of that, its like GW doesnt even listen to their community.
Nid warriors still die in droves to missiles and now bone swords are AP3, terminators will just laugh at them.
Their anti-air guy is a joke, T5, 4W and a 4+AS. Its like this guy was designed to be killed by the aegis defense lines' quad gun
Hive guard with BS3, S7 guns with no more ignore cover, rubbish, although i think they do get the option to sky fire. But need 18 shots to take down the storm raven on average (the flying bug wont even live to get to shoot at it)

Terrible codex, absolutely terrible

james said...

well I have gone back and looked at some of the rumors and well i guess my 1st post is a reason we should all wait until the new codex gets here before posting comments.
It appears hive guard still do ignore cover and can shoot without seeing the enemy.
Also although their guns are only S7, it appears they have haywire which is awesome if true, same goes for the Anti-flyer flyers' missiles (although it can only ever fire 2 missiles a turn).

I am not saying the book i even good, and still looks very meah and was such a missed opportunity to bring out such a good fun codex but its not as bad as I 1st thought.

mathhammer said...

I've been reading all the posted scanned pages,
Tyranids get excellent anti land vehicle options, in a game that a rhino is now scarce in.
The only anti air options are the Crone and Flying hive tyrant, which is even more annoying.
The Psykers got taken into the back room and beaten with a pipe.
The Tervigon got ...hurt badly....
and a single prime cost more than 3 warriors... (and still no wings)
The Mawloc is even worse.

There are some good points like the thorax weapon (electroshock beetles (template + haywire)) That will terminate a charging dreadnaught. And more fleet floating around, (though I don't know if fleet is really that important verses the cost)

Overall unless there is some synergy I'm just missing, the codex is weaker than the old one. Though it would be stronger in 5th than the old one......

Trentat said...

The units that were playable before got worse and the bad units got boosted so they are now merely sub-par.

Termagants got cheaper! Except that their upgrades went up?! So fielding Gants with Toxin and Adrenal now costs a point more than before!?! Because....

They lost access to book powers (Biomancy) and have fewer Mastery Levels available in the army to make getting the power you want reliable (Tervigons are max ML 1 now).

Instinctive Behaviour is now a massive crutch that REQUIRES Synapse in the army to compensate for. Oh, too bad. You can't have much of that, don't get Eternal Warrior and the only IC who can hide in a unit for cover, a Tyranid Prime now costs 50% more...for exactly the same stats as previously.

Seriously, FFS, WTF were they thinking? It's just awful and stands ZERO chance against Tau/Eldar/TauDar. Hell, _Dark Angels_ will probably beat them down!

I could go on, but just don't have the energy. Fortunately, someone else has done a unit by unit breakdown of just how bad they suck/got nerfed.


bonesaww666 said...

Thanks guys tbh after more reading I’m even more excited. Hive tyrants are bs 4 now with mastery level 2 base. Mawloc hits twice. Tentaclids are the bees knees. Venomthropes are worth a damn. There is a lot to be excited about!

bonesaww666 January 9, 2014 3:29 pm
New ‘dex has quite a bit to be pumped about:
-fleet on Carnifex’s will be a blessing, it’ll be mint to see these cocksuckers rumbling across the table again.
-the loss of re-rolls while a kick to the dick has been replaced with ablative wounds, by purchasing more Hormagaunts you increase the chance of them actually making it into the enemy gun line (bounding leap adding 3″ to your fleet run move will certainly help). Combine with some Venomthropes and cover you have a far better chance to get there.
-Tyranids use target saturation, what helps target saturation!? Oh that’s right, more motherfucking gribblies. What did GW do!? Gave you near 20% off most units. That is a buff even if a slight nerf (ablative wounds, remember…) that means mathematically speaking that your army is… Wait no I got this… Oh, fuck 20% bigger!
-Piss off with Scything Talons, now your Raveners just have to take Rending Claws, fuck it and enjoy the Ap5, it’s another close combat weapon so you get +1 attack as per the rules.
Oh, your Hive Tyrant can’t re-roll 1′s while gaining another attack, as he shreds shit with a Bonesword.
-Hormagaunts are nothing more then shit to choke fire lanes, embrace it.
-40k 6th Ed is about objectives, you can now choke the battlefield with assholes even easier then before.
-Lictors are 50 point non-scattering DS’ers with homing beacons strapped to their asses, if you can’t figure out how to use this with the now “twin-linked” Mawlock, you my friend are an asshat, there is no hope for you, checkers is probably beyond you.
-S8 Vector Strike. That is all.
-Tyrannofex is now sweet, oh boohoo he doesn’t wipe out Space Marines he only slaughters Tau and Eldar by the bucket load, unfortunately no one plays them…
Seriously though, this cocksucker offers board control like no-other with his sweet save, flamer and High Toughness.
Yes laser cannons can hurt him, I am aware, but you have another monstrous creature somewhere… I would assume.
-Spore fucking Mines! You drive them like homicidal helium balloons, fuck me side ways that’s awesome, take a cluster-make them S7.
How in the fuck this codex is being described as unfluffy/not accurate is beyond me, a tidal wave of bugs followed up by the rape train of MC’s sounds fluffy as fuck.
4th Ed dex was sweet, but you want to know what doesn’t scream tidal wave of terror!? An elite army of super bugs that can’t outnumber fucking Grey Knights.
Embrace the age of the unspecial bug, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, you are meat shields to serve the Hive. If you want heroic last stands with snow flakes then play a different army, you are the VC of 40k in my opinion, no love of life, no fear of death, only hunger.

Just my 2cents.

Blah Blah Blah said...

well said my friend well said, i love your ending to the whole rant, you sir deserve all my likes :3

HERO said...

Love the read! The book could of been better for sure, but since it's here, it's time to make the best of it. I'm looking over a few lists of mine and the few extra points is evened out by the increase in points of Trevigons. No matter, I'll make nids work, just like I have even before they got Biomancy.

bonesaww666 said...

I think the reduction in points will actually alleviate the reliance on Tervigons a bit (I hope).
With the new psychic powers jelling with the army quite nicely it makes me wish normal HT's had the choice of PML3, I know people think they are lack luster but they come with some brilliant range and nice utility. It's an excellent complimentary Lore.
being able to hand out FnP to your HT and Guard as well as a unit of 3 Carni's loaded for maximum CC rape is mint.
The Power that allows you to run and then shoot is great for Tyrannofex with stock Loadout and Haywire armed Hive Guard to max out threat range.

The idea of dropping 120 gaunts on the table for 480 points is relatively humorous, maybe 1 Tervigon for a back objective camper?
I think the true magic for Termi's and Tyranid Warriors will come with the ability to mix and match weapons (from what I have gathered this far) will be great.

Speaking of Warriors with a Prime armed with the Cannon of whatever it's called along with a Venom Cannon armed warrior unit is a nice way to put some S9 down board.

The Tyrannofex has some serious potential now also, his ability to absorb damage never went down but his price tag sure as shit did. I'm no mathmetician but that fucker has to be harder to kill then a Landraider for far less points...

I don't know, people are getting far to balls deep without having the chance to play out the army first, I think it's going to shake shit up and I'm pretty excited to see what goes down.

Valegorn said...

I remember this time when Tau was about to be released, and there was panic. I wont deny I am a little gunshy, and worried, but I do have a feeling it'll be better then we think. And better in ways we're not used to yet.

I honestly want to see how well a swarm does, those gaunts are pretty cheap. We can't Tervigon spam now, but that whole tactic came about because the 5th ed codex had little to work with.

I'll hold off on my verdict until I've had a few weeks with them. Then I'll get back to you on this.

greenskin said...

did you just read this opinion off BOLS? Larry makes the same Tau reference.

Valegorn said...

Yeah, actually I did, he made a great point, one I hadn't realized. What I'm trying to understand is why you're busting my chops about it? The whole Tau community was flipping poop a week before its release (including me) because everybody who had a codex early and was posting stuff about it was nay saying.

Did you read the rest of my comment above? Or was the only thing that bothered you was that I took a stance someone on BOLS did?

greenskin said...

If my inquiry felt like I was "punching you in the mouth" then I suggest you grow a thicker skin. Your entire comment matched the sentiment of an article I just read earlier in the day. I was curious if you arrived at that opinion independently. However, perhaps I shouldn't have bothered asking. Anyone of modest intelligence could see that the Internet 40K community has a tendency to overreact to things...

Valegorn said...

Wether you're aware of it or not, you did come off condescending, you still are. Thin skin has nothing to do with it, when the point of your message (both of them) is to ridicule and insinuate stupidity, don't be surprised if people react the way I did. I wouldn't be surprised if this is an ongoing issue for you (the way people react to what you say), as people like you are still trying to figure out how to communicate politely.

Valegorn said...

lastly, if you didn't mean to be condescending initially then I'll take back everything I said and apologize. I'd rather fall victim to a mis-communication and move on then continue on in this manner.

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