Monday, January 27, 2014

Been on a WWII kick

I love Tiger tanks.

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts but I've been on a WWII kick as of late.

I've been playing a lot of Men of War: Assault Squad in preparation for the sequel that'll be released in February.  It's probably one of my favorite RTS of all time despite it having the worst user experience UI I've ever seen.  The thing that stands out the most about the game is its unique battle engine.  You can literally go into a third person perspective with any unit on the battlefield and control it to the best of its ability.  It's one of the only games where real life armor penetration is taken into consideration and the lethality in the game is enormous.  After all, if you hit a pack of flesh and blood soldiers with a volley of 20mm, they're going die terribly.

This got me thinking about Flames of War too.  I would play that game in a heartbeat if it had a bigger following.  They're the only ones who have an established WWII themed minis game out there and I think they fit a very niche market.  Maybe too niche when you consider that not a lot of people play it in my area.  Most people have never heard of it and is not willing to try another game system that requires hundreds of dollars to play.  When you look at the minis, I'm not sure if they're worth the dollars you spend on it when you can find perfectly fine replacements from a kid's toy box.

Just some wild ideas running through my head:
  • If I could start my own gaming company, I would definitely like to work with a similar engine to that used in MoW: AS.  It's a great engine that really offers players the ability to min-max their game and really separates the better players from the rest.  That's the biggest winner for me.
  • If more people played FoW in my area, I would be very intrigued in giving it a go.  The prices are not very attractive to me, but the gameplay looks pretty solid.
  • I wonder if a WWII 15mm game that comes with pre-painted minis on a medium scale (not skirmish, not epic) would do well if they were well priced.  All plastic minis, think X-Wing quality stuff, but WWII themed and with good rules.  I would jump on that shit in a second.

That's about it!  Oh, and I'll be playing a 1500 game with my Dark Eldar this Thursday.  It's my first real game off Vassal in a while and it should be pretty fun.


daboarder said...

Have you ever played wargame european escalation? It's not WW2 but still a fantastic game!
If you have never heard of it you should view some gameplay videos on Youtube.
I have never seen a more realistic RTS game.

HERO said...

I'm actually playing Wargame Air Land Battle! I'm pretty decent if I say so myself :) I grew up playing Cold War era games so that one sank right in. Can't wait for Red Dragon.

james said...

Ha, i also play assault squad, its a fantastic game.
Yea, its a shame flames of war does have a bigger following, just seems to be old men who play it.

Tabletop Fix said...

Check out Blitzkrieg Commander, it is an excellent massive army game that can be played with everything from 3mm to 28mm miniatures.

Bolt Action is a neat game, too, but at the moment very limiting in the amount of tanks you can field. But according to some rumors Warlord Games is working on a tank-heavy expansion.

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John said...

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WuhSawBe said...

Lately I have been heading down the "Historical Gamer" path, enough so that I would consider myself one, by getting into Flames of war and eventually Bolt Action once my FoW stuff gets finished. I also thought nobody in my area played FoW, but I've been posting my army progress on facebook and my blog and the players have been coming out of the woodwork, expressing interest in getting some games in. Thus far I've found about 5 potential opponents, and I'm sure I'll find more once I start actually playing. (It was HUGE at one of the local stores a year or so ago)

I've been playing a bunch of War Thunder for the last several months, which has really driven me more and more towards WWII tabletop games like FoW and Bolt Action. It's funny how sometimes video games end up doing that...

Tabletop Fix said...

It works a lot like epic with dedicated command units and formations.

The amount of lists in the book is astonishing, I think there are well over 40 covering everything from the Spanish Civil War to the Fall of the Reich. And 3mm is dirt cheap, I just build a 6000 points Battle of Kursk force that will cost me just about 50$ (with 3 vehicles per 20x40 base):

German Army Mid Eastern Front (4/43-3/44)
Battlegroup 1:
CO (CV 10)
2x HQ (CV 9)
Recce (Sd Kfz 222)
Recce Support (Sd Kfz 233)
8x Infantry (Waffen-SS)
3x Support (ATG 75mm PAK 40)
3x Support (Mortar 81mm)
Support (IG 150mm Grille)
2x Support (MG 34/42)
16x Transport (Truck/Halftrack)
Engineer (Demo Tiger I)
3x Flamethrower (Sd Kfz 251/16)
3x Artillery Support (150mm Hummel)
= 3020

Battlegroup 2
CO (CV 10)
2x HQ (CV 9)
FAC (CV 8)
Recce (Sd Kfz 231)
Engineer (Demo Tiger I)
3x Panzer (Tiger I)
6x Panzer (Panzer IV 75mm lang)
3x Anti-Tank Unit (SPAT Nashorn)
2x Air Defense Unit (Sd Kfz 7/1)
Dive Bomber (Ju 87 Stuka)
= 3005

Dorina Costin said...

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Zychran said...

hero:I would like to recommend this site: it's where my mates and I ordered our tanks, planes and heavy weapons like mortars and HMG's. It really pushed the prices down for us, and the quality is very good. I play germans and tbh there is little difference between battlefront's panzers and this companies.
Maybe it will help persuade your friends to invest some bucks into this fantastic game

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