Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm back! My Nids list

This marine is so fucked.

Here's what I'm going to roll with this weekend since I'm still missing my Flyrants. Keep in mind that this list can be well-equipped in a huge number of ways to fight different metas. It just happens that I play in a pretty MEQ heavy meta and this list is more casual than for tournament play. However, it's still pretty mean with all things considered. There's a huge number of psychic potential and T6 wounds in this list.

14 kp

Swarmlord = 285
Hive Tyrant (Strangle, Reaper, Adrenal) = 240

10x Termagaunts = 40
10x Termagaunts = 40
10x Termagaunts = 40
10x Termagaunts = 40
10x Termagaunts = 40
10x Termagaunts = 40

3x Hive Guard = 165
Venomthrope = 45
Venomthrope = 45

3x Carnifex (TL Devo) = 450
Trygon = 190
Trygon = 190

This can be re-adjusted to take Mawlocs, in fact, it'll drop your list to 1750 exactly. This gives you 2x Tyrant Guard if you so choose. Another variation would be 1x Mawloc and 1x Trygon Prime for added Psyker hate.

The biggest thing to note in this list is that I'm walking just about everything. The way this list will be successful is by interlacing infantry and hiding your Venoms behind the wall of Fexes. Cover is pretty easy to come by, and even your most basic Terms can get cover if you use a dotted formation to mix the squadrons and maximize on cover. Swarmlord and the other HT can get cover from the Fexes, and the two Trygons will offer a lot of deadly options for your opponent to shoot at. In total, you're looking at 39 T6 3+ wounds through Shrouded cover that your opponents need to chew through to.

Just don't pop out your Trygons like an idiot, the 2+ reserves from Swarmlord should help. Play with 4x Term units for starters and then reserve 2 to backcap points. Keep the Venoms separate because your opponent will have to waste fire at one without wounds carrying over the other.

Oh, and I don't care about flyers much.  You can ignore them just fine, but if they don't down your Fexes, they'll be walking into a no-fly zone.


Aaron Shrive said...

You I personally think this army will suffer. You have only 2 synapse creatures in the entire army and I am thinking at 1850 you might want some more. The Tyrgon Prime/Mawloc list goes some way to mediating this as the Prime is also a Synapse Creature, but if someone knocks out the Swarmlord (he will draw a LOT of fire) then your entire army needs to be within 12" of the other Tyrant- this doesn't seem overly practical.... Just my thoughts

james said...

Swarmlord is a terrible choice. Anything that has got worse and gone up in points from the last codex should not really be taken IMO
Skip if for another hive tyrant, which stayed the same but got cheaper too

Kraggi said...

I am interested to hear how this list fairs in your current meta.

I can see the weaknesses in not too many Synapse, but am curious to find out how that performs.

I hope you will post some battle reports, and I look forward to finding out how your list evolves as you get games under your belt.

Tim Brown said...

Check your understanding of cover, especially with regards to MC. They're not vehicles. Size doesn't matter for shooting through troops, either. That said, you've taken enough gants that combined with the Vthropes may in effect allow you to rotate groups to max out cover saves. The worst thing about this list is that it represents what's bad about the codex - a boring straight up assault through withering fire. Starship Troopers style. But your opponent won't always be idiot infantry. Eldar will table you easily unless you get a couple alpha strikes in on turn 1. You'll never be able to close the distance.

HERO said...

Yes, I know, isn't that sad? I'm forced to take dakka flyrants or just outright walk across the table and die.

James said...

You know, i was looking through the codex and started writing up some lists with what i thought are very strong.
I had 2 flyrants with T.L devs, 2 harpies with heavy venom cannons, 2 units of hive guard, 2 units of 3 carnofex's with T.L devs and then just basic gaunts with guns for troops.
Then i looked at my list and was like wow, thats a lot of shooting...why would i not just play Tau which does it better.

And that is my problem with this dex. Nids are supposed to be the combat army of 40k, and they are trying to force them to be shooting. If you want a shooting army play guard or Tau which do it 1000 times better.
If you try to play the run up the field to the enemy and assault them, then you will just get shot to bits.

Dave Gaddy said...

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