Thursday, April 11, 2013

One million views

Brace for impact.

Thank you all for all your support thus far!  I opened shop as a one-man writing team a little over 3 years ago.  It's been good times and smooth sailing.

Looking back through all my articles, I would say I developed as a writer quite a bit since I first started.  I read some of my earlier pieces and I'm like god, did I write this shit?  I've taken a little more time with articles these days, but I still make some mistakes.  Oh well.

Next month is High Elves and the month after is Eldar.  Be prepared to be spammed with rumors, reviews, games and battle reports!  To celebrate, I'll share with you my favorite 40K art to date.  There's just nothing manlier than an Assault Space Marine rearranging your face on the charge.

PS - I've been playing Age of Empires 3 on my spare time, the game's amazing.  I was really good at it too!


Jim Johnson said...

congrats. i look forward to the Eldar. hope the book is good!

Guerric said...

Eager to see High Elf review from someone who don't use shitty limitations and stuff like that.

Guerric said...

But, as I play Eldar too, don't you be very optimistic for the month after, even for rumours only ?

HERO said...

I'm pretty optimistic about Eldar.. they're such an iconic race. Not to mention Phil Kelly is writing it :)

Guerric said...

Ok, thanks. So if they come before summer, probably no time for the beach this year ! Off topic, I'm sad to see an eldar player celebrating something with a fist in the head of a poor guardian ! SHAME ! :)

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