Thursday, April 4, 2013

Damn the Tau.. bring on the Eldar!

Give them to me.. NOW!

The current rumors point at May being High Elves and Eldar being June or July.  I must say, I've been pretty excited to get back into WHFB for a while now.  I'm getting my Vampire Counts up to speed and now I'm just looking forward to get some of those HE Phoenixes.  When Eldar drops by, I know for a fact I'll be getting the book and incorporating some Eldar into my Dark Eldar forces.

For all those who play Dark Eldar, have you ever thought which combination will suit you better?  Do you go Eldar primary with Dark Eldar support?  Or do you do Dark Eldar with Eldar support.  Personally for me, I think Dark Eldar primary is the best way to do it.  Here's why..

Dark Eldar gives you access to Poison weapons, something the Eldar will not have.  Dark Eldar is also bound to bring more lances; more specifically, moving lances.  If you look at Eldar's selection of units, most of them are designed with very specific modes roles in mind.  That's why they have Aspect Warriors in the first place!  The Elite slot provides you with dedicated CC in the form of Banshees and Striking Scorpions, and powerful anti-tank in the way of Fire Dragons.  Fast Attack, I'm god honestly hoping for the Nightwing, or the War Walkers to be moved to FA.  For now, Warp Spiders as a big support unit is pretty tempting, but mind you Dark Eldar also has access to Scourges and Reaver Jetbikes.

The big thing that Eldar will bring is the Farseer.  It gives you plenty of spells to cast, magic protection (hopefully a 24" Runes of Warding), and access to the Divination lore.  Best of all, you take this HQ on a Jetbike and now you can take your scoring Guardian Jetbikes as a bodyguard.  This automatically frees some of your Wych slots in exchange for Banshees perhaps.  Should the Nightwing make an appearance, DE players might also think about dropping their Voidraven for a Nightspinner in the heavy slot to go with your Ravagers.  Should all else fail, you'll always have War Walkers in that slot.  I hear they go quite nice with Prescience!

High Elves in May and Eldar in June.  Keep an sharp eye on this blog in the next couple of weeks, it will be exploding with info as these are my primary armies.  Oh, and also look out for Vampire Counts stuff and a Tau army book review.


whitewolfmxc said...

Eldar powers or wargear wont affect DE allies or vice versa , you can see the trend with deamons codex , nothing helps chaos directly but the units on the table

its more of a balance thing really , to stop pp abusing these allies and any future combos that prove ground breaking (we already have some right now with older codexes)

Elthinar said...

looking forward to this... " Keep an sharp eye on this blog in the next couple of weeks, it will be exploding with info as these are my primary armies"

muzzamel said...

hi nice blog

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