Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Death Guard on the way!

My Death Guard on the table.

Well, the CSM codex is expected to drop in September and I'm happy to report that my Death Guard are ready to go.  In fact, they're so ready that I placed an order today from FW to get more DGs.  Right now, I have 35 built and ready:  4 of them are Champs w/ Fists, 2 of them have banners which might need replacing, 4 of them have Plasma Guns, 4 have Meltaguns and rest are Bolters.

I have to remake some of my Death Guard Terminators so they'll be ready for the new book.  From what I read from the rumors, there are no Cult Terminators in the game.  However, you are able to mix Marks and Icons on your units so they can potentially gain +1T and FNP.  I really hope this rumor is true because that'll mean all the DG units I have will be well-represented on the battlefield.

One of the things that excites me the most is the ability to take allies with CSM.  I'll be shifting heavy focus to the CSM codex once the book comes out so I can unlock the book's true potential.  As for what kind of lists I'll make, here's what I plan on doing:
  • Typhus or Chaos Lord w/ MoN (this really depends on who's the most cost effective choice)
  • Zombies if I take Typhus as a huge unit of fodder (supposed Fearless, FNP and cause Fear)
  • Death Guard Plague Marines (if the lord unlocks these guys as troops)
  • Some regular CSM troops w/ MoN
  • A unit of 7x Terminators w/ assorted combi-weapons, MoN and hopefully FNP
  • As for heavy support, I hear Havocs w/ MoN will be back so I'll probably do that
  • That reminds me, I'll probably need to buy an Aegis Defense Line..
  • I don't think Oblits fit the Nurgle theme, but I need to find some cost effective AT options.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I'll take Plaguebearers and Epidemis because the combo is just too good not to.

There are 3 rumors that really scare me:
  • Plague Marines going up in price, but gain Poisoned Weapons.  I'm not sure what this means, but if its 25ppm, I would be fine with that.  If it's more like 30, they better be freaking godlike or else I won't be able to justify the points.  And if the Poisoned Weapons mean Poisoned in shooting and in close combat, that's just utterly ridiculous.
  • The second thing is the Chaos Lord with a specific mark being able to unlock "cult" units as troops (since they're going to be Elites).  If this is not true, well, that freaking sucks because it means I'll have to take Typhus every game.  What if I don't want to take Typhus and want to build my own Lord of Nurgle?
  • The last thing is the Marks being meshed with Icons (if true); or rather if +1T and FNP on regular CSM will be most cost effective than Plague Marines.  I'm a little worried how this will turn out because it's really up in the air how good or bad this can be.  I hate the idea that units have to hold a stupid Icon, that once you kill that model you lose the FNP or whatever.  That's just ridiculous.

Alrighty, it's time for me to ask some questions:
  • What is the most cost effective and fluffy option for heavy support choices for Death Guard?  Let's take some wild stabs in the air shall we?
  • What kind of allies (outside of Epidemis) do you think will help Death Guard the most?
  • What do you think about all the new CSM units? (check my last post for the actual rumors)

Random Fact:
Did you guys know that Seekers of Slaanesh are one of the most underrated units in the game?  10 of them costs 170 points, but on the charge they put out 50 WS4 I6 S3 Rending attacks!  Even though they are T3 and only sport a 5++, they have cavalry movement (12" move, ~7" charge), Fleet, have offensive and defensive grenades, and have Hammer of Wrath.  With a combined threat range of 19" charge that's not slowed by terrain, they can murder entire squads of MEQ at a time if left unchecked.  Talk about getting your money's worth.


Abakus said...

While you're talking about Seekers, what are your thoughts on the new Chariots coming out this month?

I've been trying to figure out how to make Chariots work now that they're in 6th, but I'm having a hard time of it. It just seems like charging it into a unit is just asking for it to be glanced to death, whether it be the Command Barge or this new Slaaneshi thing. Do chariots just roll over since they don't get front armor like walkers?

HERO said...

I don't know man, I have to see the full rules for them first.

Trupie said...

For Death Guard HS, provided the costs stay roughly the same(which, given the points costs in the current book is kinda a worst case scenario DX) I'd recommend Havocs with Autocannons. You can get 7 Havocs with 4 AC for about 175 points, 25 more than two oblits. While you lose versatility, you gain weight of fire. 2 shots each at STR7 and BS4 add up, and mitigate bad rolls. Other people espose the ML, but it's currently overpriced, and all you gain is 1 STR at the cost of 1 shot. You biggest weakness would be against AV13+, but your special weapons in the PM squads can handle those.

Also, Infantry Autocannons look hella nice, and fits the slow, infantry-heavy plodding advance of the Death Guard

HERO said...

According to the latest batch of rumors, it appears that Havocs in the new book will be as cheap as Long Fangs. That's got me really excited!

stormbright said...

I've got 20,000 points of Death Guard just waiting for the new book.

I second the Marked Havocs with Autocannons for Heavy. Of course, we don't know what hte new changes to the defilers might be (they could get Marks) *AND* if Forgeworld becomes legal, then consider taking Marked Decimators.

The problem I see with Epi is that you need wounds to get the Tally up. It's great for blob armies, but against a Draigo/Lysander/Logan/Belial Wing with low model counts, you will be hard pressed to get the counter up to where you want it...

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