Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rumor: Eldar spotted in warhouses

Please be plastic.

Kirby just reported this from 3++ that Eldar has been found in some warehouses.

I have no idea whether or not this is true, but something is off from our current 40K release schedule.  From what I know, CSM is next, followed by 6th Ed. Starter sets, with Dark Angels after that.  Tau was rumored to get a new book before Eldar, but with GW's track history of book priority (more popular armies gets priority), I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyways, here's what's reported:
  • plastic Warpspiders/Everguard
  • plastic Skycharriots/Shining Spears
  • plastic Phantomwaechter  - these might be the shadow spectres? Some sort of Dreadnought-like construct potentially larger than Wraithlord.
  • plastic Jetbikes
  • plastic Wraithguard/Cataphracts
  • plastic flyer combi-kit - The flyer is pretty large and has a crossbow shape, two canopies, one fin. The main variant on the cover has some lances and a large dorsal distort cannon. The other variant has extra downward/sideway thrusters, but I don’t remember if it has a different weapon loadout. No idea what these could be as I'm not familiar with Imperial Armor - anyone want to chuck ideas out?
  • plastic phoenix lord niadhau  - For Shining Spears, appears to be on a Vyper jetbike. 
  • plastic webway gate
  • resin box Avatar
  • resin Black Warden - The Black Warden looks like an female Autarch. She has a shurikencatapult and a feathered guardian helm with an eye on it. 
  • resin Dire Avenger Xentarch - Appears to be a new English name for Exarch?
  • resin Howling Banshee Xentarch
  • resin Fire Dragon Xentarch
  • resin Striking Scorpion Xentarch
  • resin box Dragon Riders
  • resin box Eldritch Raiders - They look like guardians but have no helms and wear scarfs around the lower head and swashbuckle belts. They are very individually equipped, have all sorts blades, pistols and/or rifles. (potentially Storm Guardians?)
  • resin box Halcones Cazadores - no idea sorry Potentially Swooping Hawks
  • resin Warlock
A pitcher of salt is needed for this one..

To make things a little weirder, I had a dream last night that the Eldar book came out before the CSM codex.  And today I read this.  I might be a Farseer?


Kevin Suttell said...

Oh I hope this is true....
The Eldar line really needs a good update.

Rob Godin said...

photos or it didnt happen.

I would like this to be true.

But I also wanted those rumours about Squats with Tau to be true.

Valegorn said...

I've always wanted to play me some Eldar, but I've been waiting for plastic/finecast replacements of their current metal model line.

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