Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th Ed. Army FAQs posted!

Fuck man, my Huskblade!

Here here!

IG is as strong as ever.. the Vendetta is just out of control.  Not to mention Deathstrike just pours down S10 Large Blasts with not reduced damage, and the Hydras have Skystrike and don't allow Jink saves.

SW Frost Weapons are now only AP3, except for the Frost Axe which is basically a Power Axe.  A few things changed so that Ragnar's Wolf Howl can only effect SW models, and Arjac has to issue and accept a challenge whenever possible.

BA loses the ability to Scout Smoke their Baals, most of their buffs like FNP and FC can only effect friendly BA models (no Allied bullshit), Red Thirst ICs can only join Death Company and a few weapon changes (like the Chaplains using Power Mauls).

DE definitely saw a nerf in Huskblades and Agonizers as they are now only AP3.  Razorwing and Voidraven both lose Aerial Assault so the only one who has it is the Ravager.  Allies cannot use the webway portal, and  you definitely cannot assault when your units come out of them.  On the bright side, you can now FF against Dangerous Terrain tests.


Khurdur said...

you forgot the CSM FAQ....abbadon got nerfed with a titan killing AP3 daemon weapon.
However, our termies finally got relentless....took enough years.
Kharn got nerfed with a power axe, so only I1.
PMs now get true T5, so roll FNP against everything up to S9.
Nurgle bikers are now true T6.

And I think typhus is rather evil now- he's T5, with 2+ armour save-so only s10 ap2 can ID him. Fists-only one wound and he rolls his FNP. He has a daemon weapon/force axe, so +d6 attacks, at I1, and ID, wounding on a 4+ as it remains a nurgle daemon weapon. No one can drop him, and when he swings he'll kill everything in sight.

HERO said...

True, but my birdies tell me the CSM codex is right around the corner so I didn't give them any thought.

scott christofersen said...

I am so pissed about the webway portal I am almost beyond words... I mean... Why would you take a WW portal now? for your jetbikes to come out of? its a needless and stupid ruling.

Khurdur said...

thats true...but ironically the csm book I think is in better shape in 6th than 5th. Hopefully the new book is good and the don't screw us again...

Tour_Guide said...

Oh, my poor, poor Missile of Bloody Destruction got the nerfbat. I still don't under stand how an axe is as cumbersome to swing around as a bleedin' great hammer. Meh.

Annon said...

As a Dark Eldar player that is mostly wyche centered I just feel, I don't know, like giving up.  What's the point if GW just doesn't care? And with the new FAQ's it's clear that they don't.

theresponsibleone said...

The Deathstrike is still a one shot weapon you've got to roll a dice to be able to fire. Nothing else has really changed - it counted S10 as full strength over its entire template before, now everything gets that.

The Vendetta, I cede the point - it's one of the better fliers in game now. The Hydra getting Skystrike and over-ruling Jink saves? That I pretty much expected. It would have been mad for the first anti-aircraft tank in game to not get something comparable... I am glad it didn't get Interceptor though - that would have been madness.

Fallenturtle said...

I'm going to say this. during 5th I was 100% a fantasy player and had shelved my dark eldar in favor of my dark elves.

I'm now 70% fantasy 30% 40k.

I'm going to touch on the dark eldar. The reason that aerial  assault was removed from the voidraven and the razorwing is because they are both now FLIERS. meaning they can always fire 4 weapons and move anywhere between 18-36 inches, your opponent needs 6's to hit you unless it has skyfire which will hit you on BS.. and you can still get a flickerfield. Being a flier is HUGE in this edition, and adds much added protection.

Webway portals are dead.. GW is a bunch of fucking morons for killing it but meh, I never took one anyway because I rather use that 50 points elsewhere.

Archon with huskblade/soul trap now own any challenges that he faces. Sure its only ap3 now, but you will always WANT to challenge now. If your opponent refuses, you get to pick the model that stands around and looks dumb for the entire fight.. Be it that pesky power fist.. etc.  Also, in a challenge for every group of 5 models standing around you get rerolls on either To hit, to wound, or Armor/invuln save (failed that pesky shadowfield save at the wrong time? reroll it and hope you don't suck)

Grenades are now insane. Plasma grenades are small blast templates, haywire grenades take off a hull point base, defensive grenades give you bonuses if your assaulted.

Gunboat diplomacy. After spending 6 hours with the rulebook I have not found where you CAN NOT overwatch from inside our skimmers. Also, I have yet to find where it says you Can't rapid fire etc. I killed off a powerfist from an assaulting squad of marines today because I had rerollable splinter rifle shots when they were assaulting my skimmer.. 6's to hit.. but with rerolls it averages out to 33.3% or so.

Hello eldar allies!  Going up against that bastard mephiston or your opponents bad ass psycher of doom? Throw in a cheap troop unit from the eldar, and a farseer(or hell eldrad if your feeling froggy) and have the best psychic defense in the game.. also, imagine dooming(or using the base divination power that does the same thing) a unit that your about to fire with your weapons.  It helped me glance a tank to death cause I always have bad luck with my army of dark lances... Throw him on a bike so he can match speed with the rest of our army.

Wyches are still insane(well as long as you don't throw them against a buffed mepheston ><) walkers and vehicles are able to be hit on 3+s or 4+ per grenade and 3 glancing hits will take out the average vehicle.. Also, this is where the introduction of eldar allies can benefit you.. With the access now to divination and telepathy powers through our battle brothered eldar. In one of my games I played today, I managed to do a triple assault against two vehicles and a walker.. I lost nothing, all 3 vehicles were destroyed from 10 haywire grenades. (note, I threw a haywire grenade at one of the vehicles so it was already down 1 hull point)

It will take some getting used to, and you will have to have a new mentality when It comes to list building, and that's a good thing.. I had to do the same thing when 7th edition fantasy turned into 8th edition.

So, take some time before you say our army is dead in the water.. we just have to change a few things, add in stuff from our eldar brothers to have added protection against the stuff we are weak against..*hello grey knights, get screwed with all your psychic stuff while I poison you to death*

Our army also gets to reroll our runs and charge distances, and since you can pre measure now, you can make sure you can position our vehicles to put out the maximum damage with little retaliation..

scott christofersen said...

Dude... wyches are still awesome. Actually... I think that raider incoming wyches with vect and a haemonculous that stays in the ride are AMAZORING. Add some other elements and they are really cool. It is true that our gliders get knocked out of the sky fast... but with our plethora of AP2 weapons we can also pop theirs much more reliably. No more stun stun shake stun stun roll eyes in frustration. Pop one and on to the next, let the wyches do their work. Snap fire at them is not going to be a huge issue as you will have FnP for the few shots they wound on with their BS 1 shots. My frustration is primarily that the WWP that I wasn't using before will get used EVEN LESS now as is also true with the incubi but meh... strong army is strong.

Also i'm almost embarrassed to play my necrons now as they look ridonculously good.

HERO said...

I agree, Wyches with Haywires are very strong.  In fact, I dropped Blast Pistols from all my Hekatrix and all Flickerfields for Haywires.  All in all, I lose 5 points for each of my Wych Raiders and gain incredibly vehicle killing power.

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