Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There's no place like home

Spending my monies since I was 15.

Do you guys have that one army that you just absolutely love and you keep coming back to it no matter how many armies you have?

No matter how shiny, attractive or kickass other armies are, I always miss the feel of my High Elves.  I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's the models, or the lore or maybe even the rules that gets me going, but there's always something about them that keeps pulling me back.

I love to experiment.  I buy every new codex/army book that comes out to familiarize myself with the new army, their models and how they play.  Sadly, sometimes I give in and I end up buying a bunch of their models or playing the fuck out of them by borrowing a friend's army or on Vassal.  However, I always go back to my roots.

When I look at Ogres, I'm thinking:  Where's my White Lions?
When I look at Empire, I look a their pitiful WS and BS and laugh.
When I look at Skaven, I realize I don't care about the 234th Skaven slave who dies.
When I look at Vampire Counts, I just don't care for undead and their raising ways.

Right now, I'm sad and happy to report that I've sold pretty much all my WHFB armies except for my High Elves, and I'm going to be faithful from now on.  No more buying new armies, no more building people free models, I'm going to stay with High Elves.  Besides, I have enough Warhammer 40K stuff to keep me occupied for years.

The current headcount at my house looks like the following:
High Elves (since 6th)
Dark Eldar (since 3rd)
Space Wolves (since 3rd)
Blood Angels (since 3rd)
Death Guard (gifted to me in 5th)
Space Marines (since 4th)

I have parted ways with:
Grey Knights (since 3rd)
Eldar (since 4th)
Vampire Counts (since 7th)
Skaven (gifted to me in 8th)
Ogre Kingdoms (since 8th)
Dwarfs (since 7th)

Am I a fucking addict or what? Please support the "Don't let HERO buy another army" foundation.


Big_Black_Fiend said...

I have the following armies:

Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Dark Eldar
Emperor's Children
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
World Eaters

HERO said...

Aren't 3 of those CSM? :D

Raymond Linton said...

Dark Angels are my goto army. There's just something comforting about that 2+ save and the good close combat potential. Much more so since getting wargear updated a while back.

I play other forms of space marines and Eldar/Dark Eldar, but the terminator army just fits really comfortably.

segmentum Solar said...

Mine are:
Chaos daemons
Blood Angels
Iron warriors
Dark eldar

Shin40K said...

Necrons since I started in 2009
Dark Eldar became my second force and became my primary army because I enjoy playing them.
Small CSM Army, hoping the new codex will be interesting
With Fantasy I started with Bretonnians in 7th Edition, but got annoyed and switched to WoC.
Maybe in 2014 when Brets might get updated i'll start them again. WoC all the way I suppose.

Kevin Suttell said...

I keep coming back to Black Templars. I have multiple armies like Sisters of Battle, Dark Eldar, many different small Chaos/Loyalist Space Marine armies but I constantly come back to the black and white zealots. Theres just something about an army of knightly fanatics in power armour rushing forward to rip apart the enemy....

Big_Black_Fiend said...

I should have also included my Fallen Angels which is yet another CSM army - Chaos Undivided with a heavy Khorne influence - so that is a total of five CSM armies since I've played all four Cults. I forgot to include my daemon army... So lots and lots of Chaos. For some reason Disqus clipped off Death Guard in my post.

I'm thinking which cult is my favorite... Probably a draw between Emperor's Children and Thousand Sons. I like Khorne for their aggressive martial prowess.

I also forgot to include my 13th Company which I'll be revamping soon.

Peace brother.

: )

Anonymous said...

I have owned every evil WHFB army that GW has ever released (yep even Chaos Dwarves! The old non FW ones!) and I still think Dark Elves are the best. Elves in general hold something above the other armies, they are the perfect strategists army.
They reward careful thought and vicious cunning like no-other army does and they punish mistakes twice as hard.
Plus I love the "fluff" an ancient race on the brink of extinction, a civil war without end...the supremacy they feel, not think they have but the supreme knowledge that it is truth.
Dark elves are emotional train wrecks of their light cousins and I think it's awesome! Leather clad pirates with no compassion for those they seek to overrule, braving the harshest climates and violent seas for gold and slaves... I just can't get enough of it!
I have recently sold off/traded all my armies in pursuit of "completing" my Dark Elves by complete I mean I'm going for a 10,000+ army that I can build any and all list builds I take a fancy to.
After traipsing the country side of Warhammer from the coldest North to the lush beaches of Lustria I understand where you're coming from.

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