Sunday, May 22, 2011

Librarians, why not?

Librarians are the best HQ choice for Blood Angels, period.  The same could be said about Space Wolves and their Rune Priests and maybe even generic SM.  If I had a choice between the Grand Master and the Librarian, I would take the Librarian as well.  And then, there's Mephiston, the Librarian with the same stats as a Greater Daemon on a infantry-sized base.  One thing's for damn sure: Librarians add so much to their respective armies these days that they're pretty much an auto-include.

Let's see why Librarians are an auto-include:
  • They offer psychic abilities that can greatly enhance your army's potential.  This includes defensive abilities like Shrouding or Shield of Sanguinius or offensive abilities like Murderous Hurricane or Blood Lance.
  • They offer psychic protection.  If the other guy has a psyker and you don't, you're pretty much at the mercy of his psychic onslaught.  There's times where you can't afford to let your opponent Unleash Rage on a unit of LC Terminators.  No matter how you look at it, Librarians are the condoms of the 41st millenium.
  • They come with Force Weapons.  Sure, their combat stats aren't as great as a Captains', but they have the ability to detonate someone's brain and end their lives immediately.  Grey Knights can alter their strength and strike at I6 while Blood Angel Librarians can Unleash Rage and reach S10.
  • They are flexible.  Most can done Terminator Armor and some can be given Storm Shields.  Rune Priests can be given Runic Armor (Artificer) and other nifty upgrades whereas others can take Bikes or Jump Packs.  Librarians can be with any unit in the game and keep pace, and that's very important in an Space Marine army.
  • They are cheap.  Librarians are the most cost effective HQ choices in most books because they offer all the above at 100 or so points.  Rune Priests are considered the best HQ choice in the game and rightfully so.  Just look at what they can do for the amount of points.
Stay tuned for my next article where I talk about specific Librarian powers and configurations for all my different armies.  I'm excited.

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