Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Elves, take 2

Time to jump start the army again with brand new army lists.  I busted out my Elves the other day and looked over a vast army of old school figurines.  Since Space Wolves got released, I've been on a big 40K fling.  It doesn't help that my recent fascination with Warmachine's got me playing more of that than anything else.  I figured sure, why not:  Let's give the Elves of Ulthuan a run for their money.

High Elves was the first Fantasy army that I ever got into.  I got into Fantasy when I was in college sometime in '03 and not a lot of people were playing High Elves.  I looked through the book and I liked what I saw:  The book had dragons and a heavy emphasis on magic.  Alright, sold.  It's been 8 years now and the army plays quite different than I remember.  Over the ages, we lost a few things and gained a few things (biggest one being ASF).  Just like any other army book, one has to relearn his army and adjust for new tactics and brutal adversaries.

Enough of the history lesson, let's get down to the army list.  I'll tell you one thing though:  The fellas around here has placed item bans and character bans on a lot of 8th Ed. stuff.  Due to my slightly irregular work schedule and extreme hiatus from 8th Ed. Fantasy, I haven't got a chance to play with these rules yet.  I'll post it here and you guys can tell me what you think:

Ban List is:
Characters: Teclis, Thorek, Shadowblade, Skarsnict, Kairos, Slug Tongue, Villitch, Karl Franz
Items: Power Scroll, Book of Hoath, Cupped Hands

I bolded two of the items on the list because both are in the High Elves army book.  Teclis is obviously banned because people whine and cry that he single-handily destroys armies and there's nothing they can do about it.  Boo-fucking-hoo.  In my old club, I used to bust out Teclis all the time and no one cared.  Maybe because my old club had some serious Fantasy vets and this newer club is slightly more laxed.  Anywho, that was back in 7th Ed and people had ways to deal with him.  He's T2 with no saves of any kind so it's not really hard for opponents to sac a few Fast Cav or fly Eagles into his face.  I guess it's kind of harder now that I can just put him in my 2nd rank of Phoenix Guard if I have 2 characters in the front seat.  The fact that magic turned into one giant rape fest isn't really encouraging either.

With that in mind, I have a new army list.  It's much softer on the comp scores and hopefully isn't too bad for my opponents to play against.  Not having Teclis or Book brings sadness of my heart mainly because the two things I liked about High Elves have been removed.  These two things are:  Dragons, overpriced and hunted to extinction in 8th Ed because of improved warmachines and deadly magic, and Magic, because I can't take my Book or the High Loremaster.

Anyways, the list:


Lv.4 Archmage (Silver Wand) = 270

Noble (BSB, GW, AoC, GP) = 168
Lv.2 Mage (Seerstaff) = 165

30x Spears (FC, War Banner) = 315
32x Spears (FC) = 313

25x Phoenix Guard (FC, Banner of Sorcery) = 455
25x White Lions (FC, AoL, Banner of Eternal Flame) = 430
2x Lion Chariots = 280

2x Great Eagles = 100

My magic phase consists of a Lv.4 and supporting Lv.2.  The Lv.4 will probably hold High Magic since the spells are easy to cast and I'll be able to flood the field with good spells.  That, or Shadow because I like the flexibility to the lore and the fact I have tons of units that can take advantage of the Mindrazor.  As for my Lv.2, he'll take Lore of Metal and will take Enchanted Blades and Glittering Robe.  These two spells, are what I think to be the best augmentation spells High Elves can take in one lore.  Blades gives me +1 to hit and armor piercing (which is amazing with Martial Prowess) and Glittering Robe on top of Heavy Armor or Light Armor/Shield gives my Elves Space Marine saves.

The Eagles are there for warmachine hunting and the cheap flank/rear charge bonus and the Lion Chariots are for lols.  Since I sold off my metal Dragon Princes, I'm still waiting to get my new plastic models.  It's OK, I like Lion Chariots because I think they're badass.

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