Monday, May 9, 2011

Another army in the works

Just sketching up army lists and random, competitive thought patterns right now, nothing too serious.  I'll give you a hint though, it has something to do with the picture above.  If you guys guess what army, I'll start blogging about my ideas.  It's gonna be really fun.

Update 2:49pm PST!

Brandon really did hit the nail on the head.  The symbol above is the chevron of Vlad the Impaler, which a lot of people believe started the idea of Vampires in the real world.  It also happens to be the perfect Blood Dragons symbol in Vampire Counts!  My VC army will comprise of a fighty Vampire Lord (because the idea of a big bad ass Vampire sitting in a puny skeleton bunker waving his wand makes me vomit), a big unit if Blood Knights and a unit of Grave Guard.

Check out the army list:


Lv.3 Vampire Lord = 440
Lore of the Vampires
Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dreadknight
Blood Drinker, Crown, Dragon Helm

Lv.1 Vampire = 165
Forbidden Lore
Helm of Commandment

Wight King BSB = 225
Drakenhof Banner

35x Skeletons (FC) = 300
40x Ghouls (Ghast) = 328

30x Grave Guard (FC, GW, Banner of Barrows) = 465

9x Blood Knights (Musician, Flag of Blood Keep) = 600

I'm a few points over right now and I'm not entirely sold on what I want in the army.  I pretty much decided to go for close combat and slay face.  The combat lord is in, magic is not all over the place and the bulk of the army is broken up into the left flank, the GG center and the right flank.

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