Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The truth about Dark Eldar

I love my Dark Eldar, I really do, but one thing has been bugging me about their new codex.  Now I know I go on and on about how Phil Kelly is a master writer and that's true, but something irks me about the new Dark Eldar book.  You know what that is?  How come the masters of surprise attacks, alpha strikes, infiltration and sabotage, have virtually nothing in their rules with Scout, Infiltration or anything of that nature.

No, Vect's 4+ to seize does not count.  And no, the Duke's ability to DS his Raiders and Ravagers do not count either.  What there should of been is Scouting Raiders loaded with troops, infiltrated Venoms or pre-placed WWPs like Servo-skulls are in the GK book.

Am I taking crazy pills here or has this been bothering anyone else?  Oh, and on more eventful news:  My predictions on Dark Eldar being a mediocre tournament army has been proven correct.  It appears they ran hordes of RB/Chimera-spam walls and died horribly at Adepticon despite winning in Battle Points.  Real shocker there.

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