Monday, April 18, 2011

Random thoughts and overtime

It's been a year now since I started WM and I must say that things have changed for the better.  Since I started learning the game, I must say that Warmahordes (Warmachine and Hordes) is just very solid.  In many ways, it takes me back to my Starcraft days where if you mess up, you're done.  The game is very precise on execution amongst other things and the competitive atmosphere is fantastic.  It's basically a game I wished 40K was since I'm not super happy about Steam Punk stuff compared to GW fluff.  I basically only play this game because of the game rules and playstyle is everything a competitive gamer hopes for in a table top.

Speaking of which, there are also rumors of 6th Ed. Warhammer 40K coming out in 2012.  What are some improvements you want to see?  TLoS was the big thing in 5th Ed and I'm almost 100% certain that it's here to stay.  Here are some things I'd like to see for 6th Ed. 40K:

  • Cover system tweaked, 4+ cover on everything everywhere is just too generous.
  • Remove wound allocation and bring back torrent of fire.
  • Maybe a consolidation roll after vehicle kills or bringing back massacre rolls to go back into combat.
  • Bring back vehicle destroyed results on the glancing chart.

On another note, I'm doing overtime again, hence why you see very little posting.  What's funnier is that last year, at around the same time I got into Warmachine, overtime hit me in the face too.  Awesome.


scott christofersen said...

so... still playing warmachine? or has X wing got all your non 40k attention these days?

HERO said...

At least post this in a more recent post man, this was from 2011! But yes, so far X-Wing has been big in my club over other games. As long as that's being played, I'm going to play it. I have sold all my Warmachine stuff, so I'm fresh out of that. The only armies I'm actively playing in 40K is Dark Eldar and Tyranids. I still dabble around in Warhammer Fantasy from time to time, but X-Wing is the new hype right now. Maybe that will die down sometime, but for now we're talking about the 2014 tournament circuit. It's a good game, give it a go.

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