Thursday, January 6, 2011

WM: Retribution Tricks

Playstyle: Movement manipulation via magic spells.
Feat: Magic spells gain +2 RNG and boosted attack and damage rolls.
Gimmick: Move your opponent's army around into favorable positions for you.
Units: Phoenix, Discordia, Battle Mages, Magisters

Rahn is all about the Feat turn.  When he pops Arcane Alignment, every magic user in his army gets +2 RNG to their attacks and they're automatically boosted.  That means more accuracy, more damage and a lot of rearrangement and death for the enemy army.  This is why most of Rahn's lists are based off of arc nodes, tons of Battle Mages and Magisters.  Obviously, the Phoenix offers the heaviest arc platform at a fairly affordable price and is Rahn's best friend.  The newer Discordia works very well with Houseguard Halberdiers because a reforming Shield Wall under Discordia's Imprint is just insane.  On feat turn, the Battle Mages spring into action to open up charge lanes and other opportunities via push and pull.  The army is very capable of pulling an enemy caster out into the open and to his death.  Rahn's spellpool is also fantastic:  Telekensis moves things around and turns targets around for backswings, Polarity Shield keeps your Halberds safe from charges and Force Hammer is a POW12 slam that can knock things down.  If any of your arc nodes get in trouble, Force Blast pushes enemy models back and the rest of your army can charge them afterwards for a quick kill.

Playstyle:  A very solid, balanced warcaster that has plenty of tricks to throw around.
Feat:  Everything in her control range gains stealth and cannot be charged.
Gimmick:  Allowing units to shoot through walls or killing the warcaster with Backlash.
Units:  Hydra, Mage Hunter Strike Force, Sentinels, anything really

Since Kaelyssa is one of the most balanced casters for Retribution, she can run with pretty much anything.  I've seen her do well with Dawnguard units, Houseguard units or Mage Hunter units.  Kaelyssa likes running with two full units of MHSF w/ Commanders just because she can.  The best thing about her  is her ability to give Phantom Hunter to one of her models.  The Hydra is a fantastic choice to give this to because he can shoot a POW15 shot from 15" through a wall and into your warcaster's face.  Her feat denies many opponents from getting the first charge and stealth keeps the army safe from shooting.  To sum it up, her feat is mainly a defensive one but can also be used to get your units into position.  Safety from both melee and ranged threat allows units like Sentinels to move into charge range next turn and force the opposing army into retreat.  Mage Hunter Strike Force(s) also add a great deal of threat not because of their stealth, pathfinder, AD, Phantom Seeker and 'Jack Hunter abilities (lol), but because any jacks with low DEF also fear Kaelyssa's Backlash.  If you think your warcaster is safe from damage because of their obscenely high DEF and ARM, Kaelyssa will just backlash a low DEF jack and go to town with her ranged units.  There's really nothing that Kaelyssa can't do and that's what makes her awesome.

Playstyle: Gunfighter, Virtuoso, Swift Hunter and Quick Work.  Oh, and her Feat.
Feat: Boosted ranged attack rolls for anything in her control range.
Gimmick: Aside from plowing through enemy shield walls, she can also feat for her army.
Units: Discordia, Invictors, MHSF, Stormfall Archers

Ravyn can tear through entire shield walls by herself.  Once she casts Vortex of Destruction and charges into the fray, she can absolutely wreck havoc on tightly packed infantry.  Gunfighter allows her to shoot into combat and Virtuoso allows her to also use her melee attacks.  On top of this, she has Reach and Thresher.  Quick Work gives her a free shot after she kills a model and Swift Hunter brings her 2" into melee range of another target.  With the free boosted damage rolls from Vortex and her excellent stats, not many infantry formations can hold against her.  When she pops feat, Invictors, Stormfall Archers and Houseguard Riflemen gets scary ridiculous.  The same applies to the 10" POW14 spray from Discordia.  Free boosted ranged attack rolls scares the crap out of most high DEF, low ARM warcasters and even Caine with Blur in cover has to worry about a CRA from a full batch of Invictors with mini-feat up.  Speaking of which, Ravyn also has access to Snipe which can give Invictors (stacks with their +4 RNG mini-feat) and MHSF outrageous range.  For Stormfall Archers, you can throw out Brutal Shots from "snipe" ranges.  Veil of Mists can give your units protection as well as allowing them to charge through friendly models.  For that reason, Sentinels also make notable additions to her army as well as Fane Knight Issyen.

Playstyle: Melee assassination using a fragile warcaster.
Feat: Everything in his control area can't cast spells, use place effects or spend focus.
Gimmick: Get in and murder the enemy warcaster.
Units: Chimera, Phoenix, MHSF, MHA.

Garryth is a really hard warcaster to use.  He's fragile, precise and needs to execute correctly and perfectly to win battles.  I would say he's probably the most difficult warcaster I've used so far (in 4 armies).  For that reason, I don't have enough feedback for him yet.  I've been experimenting with his T4 list and so far I've been pretty successful.  The entire army save for the Chimera is stealthed and AD.  With +1 to the roll to go first, I basically run everything into position to do as much damage as possible.  Here's the list:

Points: 35
Garryth, Blade of Retribution (*5pts)
* Chimera (6pts)
Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Mage Hunter Commander (2pts)
* Soulless Escort (1pts)
Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Soulless Escort (1pts)
Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Soulless Escort (1pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2pts)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2pts)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2pts)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2pts)
Nayl (0pts)


CJ said...

Hey hero thanks for the run down of the Retribution tricks and trades. Hoping to put some of this knowledge in to practise.

Cheers CJ

Gareth said...

Is the Garryth T4 list fun to play? Or does it kind of play itself? It looks very glass hammer-ish. It combines my favourite models in the Ret collection with a caster whose name is pretty similar to mine... very tempting.

Anonymous said...

Surely Garryth wants some Mittens running around. He needs to get into melee and spamming mage hunters just isn't going to do that.

Nor are the soulless stealthed, so they make ideal points to aim AOEs.

Unknown said...

Since Garyth Tier 4 gives him AD (he is part of his own battle group) the Mittens are not that necesarry. Also I like it if the other player is shooting his AoE at the escorts. Low-ish DEF means that my opponent may end up hitting and not deviating on the unit.

haydn said...

Garryth tiers can't have Eiryss :('s an error in Forward Kommander.

You forgot Vyros ;)

TheSanityAssassin said...

Forward Kommander is wonderfully full of those. It puts Discordia through as an Arc Node, which freaked an opponent out to no end when I let him look over a roster sheet.

Poor Vyros, he's sad now. Luckily for me he's seen 80% of my playtime with Ret, so I'm content I know what I'm doing with him. Thanks for the rest.

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