Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uncharted Seas

Big surprise here huh.
Yeah.. so I ordered my Firestorm Armada stuff and it got all messed up by the distributer.  Not only is half the stuff I ordered out of stock, but the other half didn't ship.  The only thing that they shipped was a Battleship, and I can't really play a game of Firestorm with just a BB right?

No worries, I did a lot of research on Uncharted Seas after I placed my FA order and I'm quite pleased with what I saw.  With my FA order being canceled, I decided to pick up a Thaniras Elves fleet instead.  According to most of the players I've spoken to on the forums during my quest for knowledge, it appears that US has more going for it tactically.  Now don't get me wrong, both are really awesome games and I'm definitely going to get both, but I'll start with US first.  Here's what I find interesting about Uncharted Seas:

  • Line of sight matters.  This means that blocking line of sight also matters and adds a layer of strategic depth.
  • Faction specific cards plays to each races' specialties and playstyles.
  • There's actually collision in this game; ramming, boarding and trapping your opponents' ships in are all valid strategies.
  • There's subs under the water and dragons in the air; all with their own mechanics.  And I thought FA was 3-Dimensional.
  • Lastly, some ships have special rules that adds a little uniqueness on top of each ship's well designed stat lines.  Sharpshooters, for example, can pick off enemy crew.


blang86 said...

Yesss! Uncharted Seas is awesome. I hear the Thaniras elves are one of the more challenging races to play. I'm also considering getting them just due to their insane speed and equally insane damage output at close range. I'm also considering orcs, humans, ralgard, and shroud mages...I just can't decide.

fracas said...

good choice

Joshua said...

I have chosen to play The Dragon Lords after all my reading. Seems like a fun navy to play. Like the fluff, more importantly the models...and I think the navy will fit my playstyle. Let me know what you think of the Elves.

HERO said...

From what I hear TElves are the hardest race to play. I'm down with that :)

Anonymous said...

Orcs are great fun and easy to play. You point, shoot, and then ram and board. I have just about every fleet. The best looking fleet in my opinion is the new ralgard. their ships are just very eye pleasing.

HERO said...

Hey fracas,
Can you tell me why you like US more than Firestorm? If you can, be as indepth as you can because I think our readers would be most interested!
Thanks :)

fracas said...

i've read the rules for Firestorm but haven't played it. I have seen it played. Thus my opinion of it is conceptual and comparative (to BFG) . Similarly my opinion between it and Uncharted Seas would be too theoretical.
If you recalled in the Firestorm thread, i was more of an advocate for BFG rather than a detractor of FA

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