Friday, January 14, 2011

Dark Eldar FAQ and more!

Let's look at some Dark Eldar ones first!  Then we'll move onto some Space Marine stuff.  Here are the ones that caught my eye:
Feel free to tag along with the FAQs.

Page 55 – Asdrubael Vect, Obsidian Orbs
Change “Each wound caused[...]” to “Each unsaved
wound caused[...]”

Slight nerf, but nothing too huge since it's AP3 and BS8.

Page 62 – Webway Portal
In the third sentence, change “in base contact with the
bearer when he activates the portal.” to “in base contact
with the bearer, and not within 2" of an enemy model or
another webway portal, when he activates the portal.”

Which means you can't stack WWPs and form barriers or LoS blockers anymore.  Not like that was a brilliant strategy to begin with, but now it's definitely not possible.

Page 48 – Baron Sathonyx, Bones of the Seer
Change “chooses deployment zone” to “goes first”.

I always assumed this was it.. but this made it more clear, thank you.

Q: What does Drazharʼs Ancient Incubus warsuit do? (p52)
A: It gives Drazhar his armour save.

Probably the dumbest question someone can possibly ask.  What the hell do you think the warsuit gives?  Flowers?  Wow.

Q: Can the Dais of Destruction take any of the vehicle
upgrades available to Raiders? (p82)
A: No.

This is a slight disappointment because it makes the Dais even more out of my price range.  Sure, AV13 is great because it makes you immune to S6 and gives you a ton more resilience to Riflemen Dreads or Hydras, but this is still a let down.  If I had NS and SS on it, I might have taken it in more games.

Q: Can a void mine be used regardless of the speed the
Voidraven Bomber is moving at in its Movement phase?
A: Yes.

You can now boost 36" and drop the mine.  It says so right here.

Q: A void mine is used in the Movement phase. How does
this effect what weapons can be fired by the Voidraven
Bomber in the Shooting phase? (p47)
A: The void mine does not count towards the number of
weapons a Voidraven Bomber can fire that turn.

You can now move 12", drop the mine and then shoot your other weapons.  Yep.

Q. When a unit with the And They Shall Know no Fear
special rule regroups do they get to immediately move up
to 3" as well as moving as normal that turn? (p51)
A. Yes.

This is probably one of the biggest changes and it applies to all Space Marine books.  It is now dead clear that marines with ATSKNF can regroup 3" immediately as well as moving their standard 6".  This gives them 9" of undisturbed movement as long as all other conditions have been filled.

Q: At what point does a model need to be in range of a
Blood Chalice or The Red Grail in order to gain the
bonuses of Furious Charge? (p48, 49, 52)
A: When you put the bonuses to use, i.e. when the model
makes its close combat attacks.

This is probably one of the biggest wtf changes I've seen in a long time.  Do you honestly expect me to measure 6" to each and every model that launched an assault so I can see if I get FC?  How much measure-lawyering do you think this change is going to cause?  Does this effect FNP as well since they're both USRs and have the same mechanics, or is this only FC?  Should I charge my Priest in first so everything else can get their bonuses thus exposing him to possible death?  My mind boggles at this one.  I honestly thought it was fine before and didn't need any "clarification".  Makes me also question things like Storm Caller and Shield of Sanguinius.  Maybe it's just me being confused, but this faq is just poorly worded.

Q. Is a model that has suffered an unsaved wound, but
hasnʼt been killed, from Arjac throwing his Foehammer
reduced to initiative 1 until the end of the next player turn?
A. Yes.

Eat it Trygon.  BS5 S10 AP1 hammer now makes your I1 until next player turn.

+++From the Dark Angels FAQ+++
Page 28 – Storm shield
Change to “A storm shield is a solid shield that has an
energy field generator built into it. The energy field is
capable of deflecting almost any attack, even blows from
lascannons and power weapons.
A model with a storm shield has a 3+ invulnerable save. A
model equipped with a storm shield can never claim the
+1 Attack bonus for being armed with two close combat
weapons in an assault.

This applies to all Black Templar and Dark Angels codex. There's several more like this too! Simply put, everything that's in the SM codex is now in the BT and DA codex. They are now real Space Marines.


Lyracian said...

Blood Challage.
You only need one model within 6" of the Priest for the whole unit to get FC/FNP, so you no not have to measure to every model.

It is just saying that if the priest is killed at Inititive 6, or you charge/pile in out of range you you loose the bonus even if you started the assault phase with Furious Charge.

Anonymous said...

That ruling on ATSKNF has to be some of the cheesiest crap to come from GW in a long time. Before, they were the only ones to be able to do a full move after regrouping, or fire heavy weapons, as they could count as not having moved. Now when regrouping, they get a free 3" move? That is just total BS!! Makes zero intuitive sense.

HERO said...

The wording for the BA FC faq is just really poorly written.

Skari said...

Yay, my black templars (that have been shelved for a while are now happy campers!

Yvraith said...

@ Rex: At least until you read about the change to their Smoke Launchers in order to bring them in line with everyone else's.

The Black Templars have some of the biggest changes from what I have read.
Some good, some not so good....

I also noticed that DA's still have a table wide Psychic Hood....... why is it so?

Anonymous said...

At last, the fiasco that was the Duke Sliscus debate has been resolved. Now players can finally put Sliscus into non-Warrior/Trueborn units instead of resorting to silly "if you have no Warriors/Trueborn then you can't take Sliscus" arguments.

Common sense wins yet again!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm just catching up now that Dark Angels and Black Templars have 3+ invulns, well then tdoes that mean their psychic hods are only 24"? or how about Blood angels can now take 12 capacity drop pods instead of 10! I mean its a Drop pod, same thing right? but no in BA codex i can onlt take 10 in drop pod...god these updates are ruining my brain, everything should just be used as is said in the codex...

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