Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blasted Heath Campaign

Here is where I'll record all my league games.

6-8-10 - WIN
25pts eCaine vs. pKreoss in Kill Box
The game was pretty much hit and run with eCaine picking off choir boys with Magic Bullets.  Eventually, my ATGM pushes the Revenger that was blocking LoS to Kreoss of the way with Thunderbolt shots and Caine follows up with 10 shots to Kreoss' face.

6-15-10 - WIN
35pts Siege vs. eThagrosh in Fight Club
Siege and Defenders kill the Carnivean on Breach round and does heavy damage to his Typhon.  Shredders, Soldier and the Raek puts heavy damage on the Stormclad on his Feat round but he stays in the fight.  Next round, the Stormclad fights back with full focus and kills the Nephilim Soldier and puts heavy damage on the Shredders.  The left most Defender sees melee and kills the Raek.  His next turn kills the Stormclad and Thagrosh leaves the Defender with 6 damage boxes but the Shredders are out of melee.  On my turn, I was able to aim, shoot and boost to destroy the rest of his warbeasts  for the game.

6-22-10 - WIN
35pts eCaine vs. Ravyn in Caster Kill
Didn't get to play scenario so we just played caster kill for this game.  I forgot to move eCaine further away from the MHSF and they get in range to shoot.  Caine survives the barrage from the under-strength squad with 7 boxes.  Next turn, I punish with Ol'Rowdy charging Ravyn and using Tremor.  I knock her down with a boosted attack roll and Caine goes to town with 10 shots and Overkill.

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