Saturday, April 17, 2010

I has an army

So today, I have assembled:
pStryker (to be used as eStryker)
Thorn (special Lancer)
pEiyrss (to be used as eEiryss)
Jorneyman Warcaster

I started to pin.. and after a while, I said fuck it and just used gorilla super glue, green stuff and accelerator.

I doubted the hold until I tried to pry the hammer arm off my Charger to reposition it and the metal arm started to give before the joint.  This super glue is seriously the best stuff I've ever used.

Tomorrow I'm getting my magnets and I should be able to finish my two plastic Ironclad/Defenders and add it to the rest of my army..

..which currently consists of:
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
ATGM Officer
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Arlan Strangeways.

I guess it helps to know that I also pre-ordered Gorman and Stormblades to be picked up next week.

I am now broke.
My wife hates me.
I lost all feeling to my left foot, right leg and lower back from sitting down for so long..
..but I'm very happy and excited to get some games in.


Xaereth said...

Gorilla Glue eh? I'll have to try it out. I also play Warmachine/Hordes (Circle) and my pet peeve is assembling the stupid pewter. It makes me not want to try new models, lol.

How much of a difference does it make? And where can I get it?

HERO said...

It makes a huge difference. The gorilla super glue is really thick, kinda like industry gel. A little bit can hold just about anything. Note that the glue itself takes a bit longer to dry (especially if you put a lot), but the bond is incredible. I have glued many models together using this glue.. and they have yet to break for me. You can pick these up from any hardware store. Model stores don't normally sell things this strong.

Check out the vid here:

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