Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I'M BACK - Dark Eldar is coming!

My new favorite meme that I found on the internet.

I'M BACK BOYS, now that the previews are coming in for Dark Eldar, we finally get to see what the new book is offering.

In the next couple of days and weeks, I'll be filling up this blog with my thoughts on the new Dark Eldar and what they bring to the table for 8th.  I'm tired of playing Aeldari and Ynnari soup, and if I can make a pure DE list work (or with minimal CW support), I'll think about bringing them to SoCal Open this year.

Trust me, I'm still under the firm belief that the best kind of lists for the Dark Eldar will not be a pure DE list.  It will actually have a minimal support Farseer Skyrunner and possibly some Hemlocks just so we have the air cover, the Mindshock Pods, and some beautiful Doom shenanigans to up our damage potential.  Remember, while we're the most militant of all Eldar and favor death and destruction above all things, we are still complete shit when it comes to psychic defense and doing consistent damage.

Tomorrow, I'll post a longer article about all the "flavors" of the book that we're seeing already.  Kabals and Coven have already been spoiled, but I'll be writing tomorrow that will cover both of those plus the new Wych Cults.  Hopefully, they will be worth my while because I have 50 of those suckers.

For past and future readers, if you forgot what this blog is about, I'm primarily a Kabal player who believes in overwhelming firepower with a purely mechanized list.  Yes, I'm completely upright right now seeing what the Kabal of the Flayed Skull offers.

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